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MMW Awards

MMW Showcase Award

Every year, in what we call the MMW Writing Showcase, the MMW Program honors the best papers written for the course during the preceding academic year. TAs who teach MMW 12 through MMW 15 and MMW121 and 122 nominate students who they think have written papers that combine excellent scholarship on important and intriguing topics with clear and engaging writing. It is quite an accomplishment to be a Showcase honoree: of the more than four thousand papers written every year for MMW, fewer than one hundred are selected to be Showcase honorees. The authors of these outstanding papers—the Showcase writers—each receive a certificate that expresses our admiration for their work and attests to their achievement.

MMW Showcase Writers

MMW TA Teaching Excellence Award

2022-2023 2021-2022

Don Tuzin Teaching Excellence Award

Patricia McMaster
Reem Hazboun Tasyakan

Rookie of the Year Award

Jasmine Moheb

David K. Jordan
Purple Heart Award

Melissa Hurt

Don Tuzin Teaching Excellence Award

Meaghan Baril
Melissa Vipperman-Cohen

Rookie of the Year Award

Grace Mertz

Purple Heart Award

Debra Ligorsky

2020-2021 2019-2020 2018-2019

Don Tuzin Teaching Excellence Award

Joe Djordjevski
Semih Gokatalay
Branka Hrov-mihic
Ivana Polic
Reuben Silverman
Paul Tchir
Lauren Wood

Rookie of the Year Award

Rebecca Shoup

Don Tuzin Teaching Excellence Award

Vanessa Bateman
Maria Carreras
Taylor Gray
Julian Haddad
Brady LIss
Emre Sunu

Rookie of the Year Award

Melina Economou

Patrick Adamiak
Sky Johnston
Joel Palhegyi
Baris Tasyakan
Amy O'Keefe
Johanna Peterson 
Alex Stewart
Mishal Miller-Sisson
Sowparnika Balaswaminathan
Logan Green