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ERC/MMW Serves

What is ERC Serves?

ERC Serves is a service trip that is unique to Eleanor Roosevelt College. The program consists of a 2-unit seminar held during Winter term to academically prepare students for the week-long service project during Spring Break. This year students will travel to the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona, the largest reservation in the United States, for a week of intercultural learning and service.

What is MMW Serves?

MMW Serves is a service experience embedded within the Making of the Modern World general education world history program. MMW Serves combines academic preparation, experiential learning, and volunteer service during Spring Break. Prerequisites include MMW 12 & 13 or MMW 121 for transfer students. Students enroll in a specially-designed 4-unit MMW seminar on Mondays, 3-6PM (fulfilling MMW14 or MMW122 requirements) during Winter term and then embark on the service trip for Spring Break. MMW Serves destinations include the National Parks of California and the Navajo Reservation in the American Southwest. 

How can I participate?

During Fall Quarter make sure you are looking out for Informational Emails, and Facebook Posts. We will host an informational session for you to meet with the instructors and program coordinators. If you have questions about the program you can always email or MMW Director Matthew Herbst and ask for more information.

ERC/MMW Serves Application is currently CLOSED

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