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Current ERC Residents

The Office of Residence Life for ERC is located on the ground floor of Earth Hall next to the mailboxes and across from the Middle Earth Lounge. Come to the office to receive assistance from the staff. We are here to help you with general questions and concerns as well as with lock-outs, programming questions, roommate/apartment issues, equipment checkouts, scheduling appointments with the Resident Deans, etc. 

Lock Outs


  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm & Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm 
    • If you are locked out of your apartment/room, a courtesy key is available for check-out in the ERC ResLife Office during daytime office hours or later by contacting the RA on Duty. You will need your student identification card or a government-issued ID card to check out the key, and there is a 30-minute time limit. The first three lockouts are free but there will be a $10 charge for every lockout after. You may not obtain a key on anyone else’s behalf. 
  • After 11:00 pm or during university office closures
    • call the HDH Fix-It Line at (858) 534-2600 to unlock your door. There is a $25 charge for using this service. Expect an average wait of up to 30 minutes.  

Insect, Pest, and Rodent Control

If you have a problem with ants, cockroaches, fleas or mice in your living area, then please submit a Fix-It request or, if it is a significnat infestation, call HDH Customer Service at 858-534-2600.

Maintenance and Custodial Services

If there is a need to have maintenance work done, visit the HDH website to enter a Fix-It Request Ticket. All requests are handled on a priority basis.

If there is a maintenance emergency, call HDH Customer Service at (858) 534-2600. There is someone available 24 hours a day to take requests for maintenance. Regular maintenance (such as light bulb replacements) will be done during the day, but emergencies will be handled as soon as possible. Emergencies include: electrical problems, non- functional e-locks, outages, broken pipes, toilet overflows, broken refrigerators, fires, floods, etc.

Internet Connections

Connecting to the internet using a wireless connection

Connect to an available ResNet network (eg. RESNET-PROTECTED or RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE). Read about the differences in ResNet's available networks. To connect to RESNET-PROTECTED, use your UCSD username and password as the network credentials. Some devices need more configuration options for RESNET-PROTECTED which can be found on the Configure Android, Chromebook, and some Linux Devices to connect to RESNET-PROTECTED webpage. To connect to RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE, use password ResnetConnect and accept the acceptable use policy. If no page loads, please navigate to

If you are still having issues connecting to the network, please call ResNet at (858) 246-4357.


Connecting to the internet using a wired Ethernet cable 

Ethernet access is not available in residential areas. However, if you are a student with a disability and need access to Ethernet as an accommodation, please email the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at to schedule an interactive process appointment. During this appointment, students will be able to share how access to Ethernet would mitigate a limitation imposed by a disabling condition. Additional documentation may be requested before the OSD makes a determination.

Mail Delivery and Packages

When ordering items or mail to be delivered to you:

  • Use the official UC San Diego mailing address for Undergraduate students:
    • STUDENT NAME (as registered at UCSD)
      BOX NUMBER (assigned 5 digit mailbox)
      9450 GILMAN DR
      LA JOLLA CA 92092-0100

Parcels are delivered through Main Campus Mail. An email will be sent to your UCSD email address instructing you to pick up your letters/small packages in your PO Box in front of the ERC Res Life. Larger packages are sent to the ERC SAC located next to the laundry room. If your package is bigger than the size of a shoebox you can pick up your package at The Trove.

Mail Services reserves the right to refuse packages if more than 5 packages are received in the same day from a single vendor or if more than 10 packages are received in the same day from a single common carrier.

Amazon Lockers are a student favorite for receiving packages. Check out more information here.

  • Ellie Amazon Locker is located outside the ERC SAC by the Pangea Parking Structure.

For forwarding procedures or mail information, please visit Mail Services on this page.

TV Information

Cable TV

HDH provides cable TV but does not provide the cable wire and will need to be purchased by the resident. There are cable jacks in all apartments and res halls. If you are having problems with your cable, call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357.

Hint: If you view TV listings on the Internet, such as or, type in "92093" as your zip code, and then click on Telecom University of San Diego - yes, we realize that's a different school - it will display all of the correct listings for the UCSD Triton Cable channels.


SpectrumU App

Housing, Dining, and Hospitality partners with Spectrum Cable to provide the SpectrumU app for on-campus student residents. Watch live and on demand content from your computer or your favorite device. You can access a wide variety of content when connecting to SpectrumU from any location, but you will have access to even more when on campus and connected to the ResNet network. Read more about this service on our SpectrumU page.

Laundry Facilities

  • There are two laundryy rooms in ERC, which are located:
    • On I-House Walk between Kathmandu and Geneva Apartments
    • Within the Student Activities Center between North America ResHall and Earth Hall South
  • Residents are required to use their student ID card and pin to access laundry facilities 
  • Triton Cash is the only method of payment accepted for laundry. For your own protection, do not leave laundry unattended for any length of time. If you discover a malfunctioning machine, place an "Out of order" sign on it and contact Customer Service at 858-534-2600
  • HDH Laundry Information

On Campus Dining


Escort Services

Community Service Officers (CSOs) and University Security Officers (USOs) are available in the evenings to escort residents to and from the residential area and the rest of campus. Call (858) 534-WALK to request an escort.

Lost and Found

Lost items turned in to the ERC Office of Residence Life are sent to the central lost and found at Campus Police, 500 University Center, near the Price Center. Wherever you are on campus, take extra precautions to ensure your personal property stays safe. Do not leave your backpack or books unattended.

Emergency Phone Numbers

University Police (858) 534-HELP/534-4357
Medical Emergencies Call 858-534-HELP/858-534-4357 or 911.
Visit the Student Health Center website for further information.
ERC Resident Advisor on Duty (858) 534-2261
UC San Diego Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) (858) 534-3755
UC San Diego Student Safety Awareness & Sexual Assault Resource Center (858) 534-5793
San Diego County Mental Health Crisis Line (800) 479-3339
Rape Crisis Hotline (858) 272-1767
Poison Information (800) 876-4766
UC San Diego Emergency Status (888) 308-UCSD(8273)
Housing Emergency Services Call (858) 534-2600 for emergency custodial or maintenance service