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Academic Plans

At UC San Diego, the colleges and academic departments have developed four year plans to assist you in exploring requirements and course options for GE and major requirements.

Visit the UCSD Academic Plans site to view available plans. Please read the comments at the bottom of each plan carefully. 

ERC Academic Counselors can assist students in developing an academic plan towards timely graduation, completing prerequisites for graduate school or a specialized program, and/or prepare for entering the workforce.

For more information and strategies for graduating on time, visit Timely Degree Completion.

Entered UCSD as a transfer student?
There are plans specifically designated for transfer students under the "Transfer Two Year Plan" tab. These will be a useful guide as they include upper division course requirements for the majors.

We recommend all students interested in developing a four- or two-year plan contact ERC Academic Advising for a Long Term Planning Appointment. First-year students must wait until Winter Quarter for a Long-Term Planning Appointment. 


Students must declare a major by the time they have reached 90 units.  View a complete list of undergraduate majors and degrees at UCSD on TritonLink.    


A minor is a set of courses within a well-defined subject. Academic departments and programs may offer minors and the requirements vary by department.  A minor is at least 28 units, including at least 20 upper-division units. Visit TritonLink  for a complete list of minors offered as well as instructions on how to declare a minor.

Review the Graduation Requirements page on our website regarding the Maximum Unit Limitation and Minors.

Double Majors

Double majoring is becoming increasingly popular on campus, but is it right for you?  Review the Double Major requirements, the Majors page on our website, and meet with an ERC Academic Counselor to determine if a double major is a viable option.

Also review the Graduation Requirements page on our website regarding the Maximum Unit Limitation and Double Majors.

Professional School Preparation

See the resources below for an overview of professional school prerequisites.  Visit UCSD's Career Services Center for more extensive information.

Review the Graduation Requirements page on our website regarding the Maximum Unit Limitation and Professional School Preparation.

Educational Opportunities

UC San Diego Undergraduate Seminars

Undergraduate seminar courses are designed to let students explore subjects outside their primary academic interests and broaden their exposure to other intellectual pursuits. 

In each course, a small group of students (no more than 25) meets with a senior research professor to gain an overview of his or her field and individual work.  This arrangement allows students to interact with professors in a way not possible in freshman and sophomore lecture courses, which usually have large enrollments.

The seminars carry one unit of credit each.  A maximum of 4.0 undergraduate seminar units are allowed toward graduation, and the seminars must be taken Pass/No Pass. 

Seminar titles, instructors, and meeting times and places are listed in the Schedule of Classes.  Each sponsoring department or college numbers its undergraduate seminars: for example, Econ 87, MAE 87, Warren 87, ERC 87. 

There are specific seminars open only to freshman numbered "87".  These can be found at: 

There are other seminars numbered "90" open to all students.  You may find these courses on Tritonlink by department or college.

Senior Seminar Program

Senior Seminars will provide upper division students with an opportunity to meet with faculty in a small class environment.  Senior Seminars will carry one unit credit, will be graded P/NP, meet for 8-10 hours during a quarter, and are limited to 20 students. These can be found at:

AIP: Academic Internship Program

The Academic Internship Program is a valuable form of professional training which provides students with the opportunity to test their career interests in an off campus setting and earn academic credit at the same time. You are eligible to apply through AIP if you are a junior or senior and have:

  • 90 units

  • At least 2 upper-division courses

  • 2.5 GPA (3.0 for law firms & medical labs)

Transfer students must have completed two quarters, full time, at UC prior to date of applications.

Over 1500 Internships are available in the summer and during the academic year.  For more information please contact the AIP offices at 858-534-4355, or see their website at

Study Abroad

There are a world of possibilities awaiting students who choose to study abroad.  UCSD provides several exciting opportunities and is committed to giving students an exceptional learning experience to earn credit toward graduation while they travel the world.  For more information, visit the ERC study abroad webpage at:

UCDC: University of California Campus in Washington, D.C.

UCDC offers an exciting opportunity for students to live, work and study in the nation’s capital.  It is available Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter.  To find out more about the UCDC program, call 858-534-3750, or see their website at

UCCS: University of California Center in Sacramento

UCCS offers opportunities to take coursework and gain internship experience in the California State Capital. To read more about the UCCS program, visit:   You can call the AIP office at 858-534-4355 to set up an appointment  to discuss UCCS.