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Students in Lecture Room


Bienvenido مرحبا benvenuto 歡迎 Willkommen Добро пожаловать

The ERC Academic Advising Staff is here to guide, counsel and coach you during your entire time at UC San Diego. We hope you see us as your “home base”, the place to start when you are looking for answers. We can help you transition to UC San Diego successfully and achieve all of your academic goals. 

We want to remind you to utilize our services as well as those of your major department. You will find a great deal of information on this website which provides you with tools to inform you along the way. Please come and see us in person!

Some tips we would offer you:
  • Pay attention to deadlines.  Do not expect an exception if you fail to meet a deadline. Exceptions are rarely granted and only with supporting documentation.
  • ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t be afraid to ask a question and get the right answer.
  • Stay in contact both with a college academic counselor and department advisor.
  • Check the calendars on TritonLink often.
  • If you run into a difficult situation, please contact us. We can direct you to the appropriate resources if you get sick, experience a personal problem, etc and help you to make good decisions.
  • Be aware of your grades in courses at all times. Use your degree audit to track your progress, check your grades when they are posted each quarter.

Best of luck here at Eleanor Roosevelt College and UC San Diego!

Sarah Spear-Barrett
Dean of Academic Advising