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Bienvenido مرحبا benvenuto 歡迎 Willkommen Добро пожаловать


The  ERC Advising Team upholds a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in all our work.  We remain vigilant about implicit bias in all our interactions with staff and students.

To that end, we will create a welcoming space for all students to discuss and explore their own identities and biographies, mindful that all of us have been socialized in exclusionary societies that marginalize and stereotype Others. (See the full ERC diversity statement here.)

The ERC Academic Advising Staff is here to guide, counsel and coach you during your time at UC San Diego. We hope you see us as your “home base”, the place to start when you are looking for answers. We can help you transition to UC San Diego successfully and achieve all of your academic goals. 

  • We remind you to utilize our services as well as those of your major department.  We hope that you will find our space to be one of support while you explore your opportunities at Eleanor Roosevelt College and UC San Diego.  

Best of luck here at Eleanor Roosevelt College and UC San Diego!

Melissa Ellew 

Dean of Academic Advising