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Eleanor Roosevelt College is an exciting place to live and learn.  Like all six colleges at UC San Diego, ERC welcomes students from every field of study, from art history to human biology and from electrical engineering to political science.  And like all six colleges at UC San Diego, ERC is a distinctive neighborhood within a larger campus community.  Housed in a stunning collection of 23 buildings on the northwest corner of campus, ERC includes residence halls and apartments, seminar rooms and a commuter lounge.  Café Ventanas and the Great Hall of International House provide architecturally breathtaking bookends to the complex.

The defining theme of ERC is captured by our motto: "Developing world citizens through scholarship, leadership, and service."  Our guiding spirit is Eleanor Roosevelt, a woman of passion, intelligence, and independence who dedicated her life to public service at home and abroad.  Through our core curriculum, Making of the Modern World, as well as co-curricular activities ranging from the Global Marketplace and intercultural workshops to Sunday Suppers at International House and alternative spring breaks held across the globe, students at ERC expand their knowledge and explore their identities and commitments as global citizens.

College is an extraordinary, challenging, rewarding time of life.  Course grades are earned by individuals, but education is a collaborative effort.  The faculty and staff of ERC work together to provide students the personal and intellectual support needed to thrive. 

On their behalf, I bid you welcome!

Ivan Evans
Provost, Eleanor Roosevelt College