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Resident Advisors and Interns


Resident Advisors and Interns are current undergraduate students who live in the ERC community and serve as a resource for the ERC residents. Each hall has 2 resident advisors assigned and a resident advisor will be on duty every night of the academic year. Resident advisors can help residents find on-campus resources, counsel roommate disputes, and put on events throughout the community. International House also staffs two interns which plan and put on events catered to the International House community.

2023-2024 Resident Advisors

Residence Halls

North America -  Evan Zhou and Jennifer Muinos

Latin America (Raza LLC) -  Abigail Sanchez and Diego Gonzalez

Europe - Jeremy Aranda and Krystal Long

Asia - Jair Huerta and Sevan Derderian

Africa - Emily Chen and Eric De Haas



Earth Hall North - Apru Pranjal and Linda Lou

Earth Hall South - Julia Serrano and Sanjana Narayanan

Oceania - Madeleine So

Middle East - Ada Ngozi

Mesa Verde - Isabella Sanchez, Natalie Glezen and Sincere Blackmon


International House

Geneva - Allen Xu and Ria Raj

Kathmandu - Michael Figueroa and Sofia Rosen

Cuzco - Azza Gorashi and Cariappa Kodira

Asante (Raza LLC) - Alex Morgan and CJ Carbajal-Sensente

RA Application

We are excited to have you consider serving as a Resident Advisor and Intern in Eleanor Roosevelt College, International House, and the Raza LLC! 

RA Applications are open and available until Jan 2nd until 11:59pm on the following website.

For additional questions, please contact the RA/HA selection committee at 


What to Expect

Undergraduate residential student staff play a critical role in the creation of safe, inclusive residential communities that support student health and well-being. Residential Offices across the colleges strive to facilitate a staff selection process that balances consistent standards and expectations with the distinctive needs and cultures of the individual residential colleges. The RA/HA Selection committee strives to implement a process that is fair and considerate of the experience of all participants, and provides equitable access to all participants.


Phases of the Selection Process


  1. Application - Submit a completed application via the RA application qualtrics portal. 
  2. Interviews - There are a total of two interviews in the process
  3. The Placement - Members of the Residential Life Offices with vacancies will review application materials and extend offers


  1. Application: Submit a completed application via the RA application qualtrics portal.
  2. Interview: Participate in interview process with Pro staff members
  3. The Placement: Members of the Residential Life Offices with vacancies will review application materials and extend offers