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Resident Advisors and Interns


Resident Advisors and Interns are current undergraduate students who live in the ERC community and serve as a resource for the ERC residents. Each hall has 2 resident advisors assigned and a resident advisor will be on duty every night of the academic year. Resident advisors can help residents find on-campus resources, counsel roommate disputes, and put on events throughout the community. International House also staffs two interns which plan and put on events catered to the International House community.

2019-2020 Resident Advisors and Interns

Residence Halls

North America -  Helen Nguyen and Maurice Anderson

Latin America (Raza LLC) - Alexandra Sarkis and Sebastian Bonilla

Europe - Tracy Tran and Gregory Thein

Asia - Armonie Mendez and Joe Goulart

Africa (OASIS LLC) - RJ Garcia and Jose Rubio



Earth Hall North - Jacinda Luong and Jane Collier

Earth Hall South - Samantha Mah and Emanuel Mesa

Oceania - Nick Loera

Middle East - Angela Yang

Mesa Verde - Brianna Chandra and Arianna Zavala


International House

Geneva - Kayla Lawrence and Arya Sadighian 

Kathmandu - Adrianna Hohil and Jesús Fernández

Cuzco - Nicole Lopez and Andrew Gudino

Asante (Raza LLC) - Brenda Chavez and Angel Lopez

I-House Interns - Tessa Hocquet and Krysia Olszewska