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There are always lots of events happening at ERC!  Don’t miss out on these special traditions that happen year after year!

Fall Quarter

Welcome Week

"Hi. What's your name? Where are you from? What building do you live in? What's your major?" These are the typical questions you should be prepared to answer all week as new students meet and mingle. For five days the campus is busy everywhere you go as students get settled into their new life. Social events such as the annual Ice Cream Social, Smores at the Shores, Welcome Week dance, athletic events and building dinners are held throughout the week so students can meet new people and begin to develop lifelong friendships. The student org fair will help you find ways to get involved on campus while academic advising and various academic departments hold workshops throughout the week to help students get started on the right track academically. It's a time to meet, mingle and maybe even hit the beach with some new friends to enjoy the San Diego sunshine!


UCSD wouldn't be the same without a little friendly college competition at the UnOlympics. Every year students from all six colleges come together on RIMAC field for some fun and quirky competition as they contend for the coveted Golden Shoe - not to mention bragging rights for the year! Check out how ERC took home the Golden Shoe and where it's Golden Footprints are at this week!

Halloween Haunted House

Each year Middle Earth Lounge becomes a haunted house for students and visiting trick-or-treaters.


ChangeMakers Day

Changemaking is in our DNA! Celebrate Triton Changemakers and UC San Diego as a Changemaker Campus on October 25th with an entire day dedicated to what we do best! Discover how to create positive social change through public and community service, research, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, social justice, impact investing and more.


Winter Quarter

Intercultural Communication Workshop

ERC began this 5-session weekly workshop in 1993 as a feature of its programming theme, "A Celebration of Cultures at Home and Abroad." Since then, the workshops have continued to provide all UCSD students with the tools and skills needed to communicate across cultures.

Spirit Night

For an entire week in Winter Quarter, ERC becomes completely transformed as Triton Pride takes over. Students and staff alike show off their spirit by painting their windows with the UCSD Triton insignia while the entire campus gets covered in blue and gold as we honor our triton athletes. Social and athletic events are held throughout the week, including the annual Spirit Night Pep Rally held in Price Center. The week of festivities culminates in one night as the men and women's Triton basketball teams take on one of our biggest rivals and the colleges fight for the coveted Spirit Night Trophy! The Spirit Night tradition began at UCSD in 1995, and at Roosevelt we take our Triton Pride seriously, finishing in the top 3 spots for the past 6 six years in a row!

Rock 'n' Roosevelt

Rock 'n' Roosevelt began in 2002 as one of the biggest and best college-based concerts at UCSD. Past performers have included Augustana, We the Kings, Saint Motel, Reel Big Fish, Rooney, The Format, Moving Units and The Federation. Each year, over 1,000 students fill the ERC Green and line their apartment balconies as big name performers put on an amazing (and completely FREE!) show for ERC students. The entire production is organized by current ERC Students!  Rock 'N Roosevelt commitee members and Student Council at ERC (SCERC) work hard to put this night into reality! This is one college concert that any ERC student can't miss!

Casino Night

For one night each year Programming at ERC transforms the Great Hall into a casino. Students can play BlackJack, Texas Hold 'Em, Craps and Roulette. There is always food and raffle for prizes as well!

Spring Quarter

BAGS (BreakAway Global Service)

In upholding Eleanor Roosevelt's legacy of international service, ERC students can apply in Fall Quarter to take part in a Service Project which takes place over Spring Break.  Students participate in a Winter Quarter Seminar, preparing them for their upcoming trip, while they organize and fundraise for a number of its members to attend the spring break service project. Students who attend CORE's Spring Breakaway experience a life-changing opportunity as they serve communities abroad and develop lasting friendships with their team members. BAGS was formally known as CORE Spring Breakaway which began in Spring 1999 when an ERC student pioneered the way for a self-organized trip to the Philippines with Habitat for Humanity.  Ever since, students have traveled to Mexico, Turkey, Belize, Puerto Rico, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru and Guatemala.

MMW Blowout

Any ERC student will tell you that the Making of the Modern World writing sequence can be quite challenging and rather time consuming, so after the several long quarters of writing, reading and hard work, a big celebration is definitely a necessity! Before the end of the school year, ERC students gather to celebrate the completion of MMW as they partake in fun games, lots of food and even a dunk tank with their favorite professors and TAs! Of course, you can't forgot to grab an MMW Blowout t-shirt with the infamous saying "Do it in the road!"

CASLS Recognition Banquet

Student life at ERC wouldn't be as exciting as it is without the hard work and dedication of our student leaders and organizations. Each spring, students and staff members gather to honor students who have dedicated so much of their time and energy to Eleanor Roosevelt College. We remember our favorite events of the year and recognize those who have organized them. The college also recognizes senior students who have been an integral part of the ERC community throughout their time at the university.

Senior Brunch

Before heading off to one last round of finals and commencement, ERC seniors gather to remember the incredible journey that they have shared together over the past four years at the Senior Brunch. Outstanding seniors are recognized, memories are shared and a final champagne toast is made to wonderful years that were spent together at Eleanor RooseveltCollege!

All Year Long

Dine-With-A-Prof Program

You are invited to participate in a program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and ERC, designed to increase interactions between UC San Diego students and faculty or graduate Teaching Assistants outside of the classroom.  The Dine-with-a-Prof Program will help to foster informal, out-of-classroom interactions between YOU and your professors!  It also gives you the opportunity to experience a professional dining atmosphere at the UC San Diego Faculty Club, or the more casual setting of Zanzibar @ the Loft.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!  140 meal vouchers will be sponsored, on first-come first-serve bases, one voucher per student per quarter. This program runs from Fall Quarter Week 3 in October until the last day of instruction at the end of Spring Quarter.

Visit our Dine-with a Prof Webpage for more information.

Coffee-With-A-Prof Program

You are also invited to participate in a program, sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and ERC, designed to increase interactions between UC San Diego students and faculty or graduate Teaching Assistants outside of the classroom.  The Coffee-with-a-Prof Program allows students yet another opportunity for students, faculty and graduate students to interact  Students are elligible to participate in this program 2 times per quarter (in addition to Dine with a Prof) and the vouchers are redeemable at 5 various locations on campus!

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!  150 vouchers will be sponsored, on first-come first-serve bases, 2 vouchers per student per quarter. This program runs Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter (not elligible during the Summer).

Visit our Coffee-with-a-Prof Webpage for more information.

Global Marketplace

Since 1993, ERC has celebrated a different region of the world every month with an exciting evening which typically includes lively entertainment, crafts, education and a culturally inspired meal provided by Cafe Ventanas. Through , students can learn the traditional hula dances of Oceania, listen to the African beats that inspired modern jazz and salsa or make your own Chinese New Year Lantern!

SLAM: Spontaneous Laughter, Art and Music

SLAM is International House's monthly open-mic night that began in 2000 and has become a showcase for budding singers, instrumentalists, stand-up comedians and spoken-word artists from all six colleges. *Returning soon.

PERC Blood Drive

Programming at ERC puts on a Blood Drive in the Great Hall every year. Students and staff can stop by anytime during the day to donate blood to Red Cross.

Culture Nights

I-House hosts three cultures nights each year, one per quarter. Each event provides an evening of food, information, and entertainment from a specific region of the world. *Returning soon.

Finals Week Scream

Finals Week can be stressful for any student, but at ERC, we like to let all that aggression out. Saturday night at midnight before Finals Week when 24-Hour Quiet Hours begin, students living on campus stand at the balcony and give one long, intense, mind-blowing scream! Get it all out now because for the next week, it's nothing but study, study, study!

Sunday Supper

One of the oldest traditions linked to the I-House movement is Sunday Supper, a dinner where residents can come together to celebrate the connections they’ve made. With a few surprises thrown in, Sunday Supper invariably includes food, fun, and, most importantly, friendship.

Language Conversation Tables

This popular program is organized by our staff and facilitated by dedicated students (LCT Hosts) who want to share a language they speak, and the culture(s) associated with it. Participants choose a language of interest to practice, with other students and one or more hosts. 

Global Forum 

Global Forum collaborates with student leaders and organizations, faculty, and expert guests to host discussions in the Great Hall. These discussions engage in timely and relevant Global issues and are held several times a quarter.

Show & TEllie  

A collaboration between ERC and I-House to host informative conversations about different countries, regions, and cultures with UCSD students. Show & Tellie is open to all students and takes place in the I-House residential lounges.