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Frequently Asked Questions

MMW Courses

Can I take MMW Pass/NP? 

No.  MMW must be taken for a letter grade to fulfill your ERC graduation requirement.  

Can I move to a different MMW lecture track or discussion section?

The MMW program can not move you from one lecture to another or from one section to another.  To move, you must drop the class/section in which you are enrolled and then add the one in which you want to move.  If there is no room in the section you wish to add, you will go on the waitlist.  There is no guarantee that a space will become available.  MMW can not overenroll any section.  

Why are there different formats for MMW lectures and sections? 

MMW planned for a range of instructional formats, including in-person lecture, remote lecture, in-person section, remote synchronous section, and remote asynchronous section.  If you do not like the format of your particular lecture/section, you can drop the course and either try to enroll in a different lecture/section or take the course next year.

Is MMW Discussion Section required?

Yes. Missing a Discussion Section or Discussion Board post has a grade penalty. See your course syllabus or TA’s Policy Statement for more details.

When is the last day to enroll in a course?

The last day to enroll in a course is the end of week 2 for the Fall, Winter, Spring quarters, and Special Summer session.

For summer sessions 1 & 2, the end of week 1 is the last day to enroll in a course. 

I am on the waitlist, what do I do? 

You are not enrolled in MMW unless you receive an email from the registrar stating that you have moved from the waitlist to the class.  As a waitlisted student, you are not enrolled in the course, even if you have access to your course and section Canvas sites.  Since we carefully adhere to the union contract related to workload, we can not increase enrollment for any section.  Before you decide to drop or withdraw from MMW, please check with an ERC Academic Counselor.  

I’m in the course but am struggling with medical, family, or other issues. What should I do? 

Speak with your instructor and TA.  We understand that such matters are of much greater importance than coursework.   Since earning 4-units for this course requires completion of the assigned work, it may be best to withdraw from the course to focus on personal or health related matters.   See these links for information on how to drop a course, or withdraw.  Required assignments and the grade value of those assignments can not be waived or repeatedly postponed.  In addition, be sure to reach out to the ERC Dean of Student Affairs, if you need additional support. 

I’m having trouble keeping up with the coursework. Am I eligible for an Incomplete? 

To be eligible for an incomplete you must have completed all coursework except for the final essay or final exam with a C- or higher.  An incomplete does not include any previous course work, including discussion boards, critical analysis assignments, or previous writing assignments.  To receive an incomplete, you must have completed the aforementioned work and then receive approval from 1] your TA and 2] the Professor.  In addition, you will not have access to course content and videos on the course Canvas site after the current term ends.  That content, like previous assignments, must be completed before receiving an incomplete.  Completion of the course work will be required within two weeks of the following term at a date determined by the professor.  If you are not eligible for an incomplete, other options include 1. Complete the course, 2. Receive an F and re-take the course later, or 3. Appeal to the college/university for a retro-active withdrawal and re-take the course later. I encourage you to reach out to ERC Academic Advising for assistance.

How do I know what readings and assignments are required for this course and when they are due?

Read the syllabus, which is posted on your course Canvas site. You can also find readings and assignments listed on the weekly modules on the course Canvas site. 


Why am I having trouble uploading my assignments on Canvas?

If you have trouble with your submission, and before you contact your TA:

  • Make sure that you have not submitted whole books or articles. Files that are too large may overload the system, cause a malfunction in your own submission, and may result in late penalties.
  • Make sure that you are submitting files in the correct file formats.
  • Try another browser. Chrome works best with Canvas.
    • If you are already using Chrome, clearing cache and cookies may resolve the issue. 
  • Try another computer. The computers on campus should be able to handle these submissions.
  • Try again. At least 3 times.
  • Contact your TA with a very detailed description of the problem and a screen shot.


What if I have trouble accessing Canvas content?

Try changing your web browser. If you are using Safari, for example, try Google Chrome or other browser. This should resolve the issue. Keep in mind that to to take the course, you must secure access to stable internet.


For inquiries or further questions, contact the MMW program at:   We will follow up with you.