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ERC Faculty

All faculty members appointed in UC San Diego undergraduate departments are affiliated with one of the six undergraduate colleges. Eleanor Roosevelt College faculty members represent all of the academic divisions at UC San Diego. The faculty is represented by an elected Chair of the Faculty and Executive Committee that advises the Provost, takes action on academic policies and other matters of concern to the faculty, and appoints other faculty committees as needed.

Faculty Representatives

ERC Executive Committee

  • Prof.Ivan Evans, Provost
  • Melissa Ellew, Dean of Academic Advising
  • Mario Garibay, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Prof. Leslie Lewis, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Prof. Jann Pasler, Music
  • Prof. Victoria Petrovich, Theatre
  • Prof. Mike Tolley Mechanical Aerospace Engineering
  • Tommy Huebner, ERC Student
  • Kailah Buchholtz, ERC Student

Academic Senate Representative Assembly - ERC Representatives

  • Prof.Li-Tien Cheng, Mathematics                              
  • Prof. Andrew Kehler, Linguistics                                                                :
  • Prof. Amir Mohammadi, Mathematics (Alternate)                                                 
  • Prof. Patrick Patterson, History (Alternate)                                             

ERC Faculty Bylaws

Faculty Listing by Department

Joseph Hankins Anthropology
Steven Parish Anthropology
Nancy Postero Anthropology
Byung Chu Kang Anthropology
Guellermo Algaze Anthropology
John Haviland Anthropology
Karen Christman Bioengineering
Adam Engler Bioengineering
Stephanie Fraley Bioengineering
Prashant Mali Bioengineering
Joshua Rychak Bioengineering
Shankar Subramaniam Bioengineering
Janelle Ayres Cell & Developmental Biology
Andrew Chisholm Cell & Developmental Biology
Joanne Chory Cell & Developmental Biology
Amy Kiger Cell & Developmental Biology
Eric Schmelz Cell & Developmental Biology
Laurie Smith Cell & Developmental Biology
Collen McHugh Chemistry & Biochemistry
Neal Devaraj Chemistry & Biochemistry
Michael Galperin Chemistry & Biochemistry
Partho Ghosh Chemistry & Biochemistry
Patricia Jennings Chemistry & Biochemistry
Simpson Joseph Chemistry & Biochemistry
Elizabeth Komives Chemistry & Biochemistry
Susan Taylor Chemistry & Biochemistry
Joel Yuen Zhou Chemistry & Biochemistry
Virginia De sa Cognitive Science
Eran Mukamel Cognitive Science
Shannon Ellis Cognitive Science
Angela Yu Cognitive Science
Zeinabu Davis Communication
Caroline Jack Communication
Keith Pezzoli Communication
Kamalika Chaudhuri Computer Science & Engineering
Sanjoy Dasgupta Computer Science & Engineering
Yoav Freund Computer Science & Engineering
Ranjit Jhala Computer Science & Engineering
Sorin Lerner Computer Science & Engineering
Shachar Lovett Computer Science & Engineering
Yannis Papakonstantinou Computer Science & Engineering
Tajana Rosing Computer Science & Engineering
Larry Smarr Computer Science & Engineering
Alex Snoeren Computer Science & Engineering
Scott Rifkin Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Kaustuv Roy Ecology, Behavior & Evolution
Prashant Bharadwaj Economics
Itzik Fadlon Economics
James Hamilton Economics
David Lagakos Economics
Yixiao Sun Economics
Sherice Clarke Education Studies Program
Shana Cohen Education Studies Program
Nikolay Atanasov Electrical & Computer Engineering
James Buckwalter Electrical & Computer Engineering
Massimo Franceschetti Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bill Lin Electrical & Computer Engineering
Paul Siegel Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cheeolhong An Electrical & Computer Engineering
Nuno Vasconcelos Electrical & Computer Engineering
Chris (Chunting) Mi Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dinesh Bharadia Electrical & Computer Engineering
Fredric Harris Electrical & Computer Engineering
Shelley Streeby Ethnic Studies
Shaista Patel Ethnic Studies


Peter Cowhey GPS
Barry Naughton GPS
Yasu-hiko Tohsaku GPS
Suzanne Cahill History
Samuel Cha History
Jessica Graham History
Qian He History
Hasan Kayali History
Patrick Patterson History
Jeremy Prestholdt History
Pamela Radcliff History
Alana Shuster History
Ulrike Strasser History
Frank Biess History
Gabriela Caballero Hernandez Linguistics
Sharon Rose Linguistics
Andrew Kehler Linguistics
Gloria Chacon Literature
Adriana De marchi gherini Literature
Ping-hui Liao Literature
Beatrice Pita Literature
Catherine Ploye Literature
Babak Rahimi Literature
Kathryn Walkiewicz Literature
Patricia Wells Literature
Oumelbanine Zhiri Literature
Li-tien Cheng Mathematics
Peter Ebenfelt Mathematics
Amir Mohammadi Mathematics
Dragos Oprea Mathematics
Dimitris Politis Mathematics
Alireza Saleh Golsefidy Mathematics
Jason Schweinsberg Mathematics
Li-tien Cheng Mathematics
Tarek Elgindi Mathematics
Sonia Martinez Diaz Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Vitali Nesterenko Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Padmini Rangamani Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Antonio Sanchez Perez Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Michael Tolley Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Abhishek Saha Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Alexey Arefiev Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Oliver Schmidt Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Yuyan Shi Medicine
Ronghui Xu Medicine
Aaron Coleman Molecular Biology
Susan Golden Molecular Biology
Maho Niwa Rosen Molecular Biology
Barry Grant Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Villa-Rodgriguez Molecular Biology
Nancy Guy Music
Philip Larson Music
Jann Pasler Music
Chinary Ung Music
Gaurav Arya Nanoengineering
Kenneth Vecchio Nanoengineering
Tod Pascal Nanoengineering
Nicola Allen Neurobiology
Ralph Greenspan Neurobiology
Takaki Komiyama Neurobiology
Byungkook Lim Neurobiology
Kit Pogliano Neurobiology
Cory Root Neurobiology
Jing Wang Neurobiology
Dong-er Zhang Pathology
Nancy Cartwright Philosophy
Dana Nelkin Philosophy
Monique Wonderly Philosophy
Paolo Santorio Philosophy
Massimiliano Di ventra Physics
George Fuller Physics
Suckjoon Jun Physics
Dusan Keres Physics
Douglas Smith Physics
Elena (Lena) Koslover Physics
Andrew Meyerthole Physics
Chunhui Du Physics
R. Sekhar Shivukula Physics
Tongyan Lin Physics
Claire Adida Political Science
Maureen Feeley Political Science
Philip Roeder Political Science
Branislav Slantchev Political Science
Kaare Strom Political Science
David Wiens Political Science
Tak Wong Political Science
Clark Gibson Political Science
Margaret Roberts Political Science
Michael Gorman Psychology
Timothy Rickard Psychology


Roosevelt College

Edmond Chang Roosevelt College
Matthew Herbst Roosevelt College
Ivan Evans Roosevelt College


John Evans Sociology
David Fitzgerald Sociology
Jeffrey Haydu Sociology
Martha Lampland Sociology
Gershon Shafir Sociology
Christena Turner Sociology
Harvey Goldman Sociology
Ahmed-waeil Elgamal Structural Engineering
Francesco Lanza Di Scalea Structural Engineering
Veronica Eliasson Structural Engineering
Nadine George Theatre & Dance
Victoria Petrovich Theatre & Dance
Lisa Porter Theatre & Dance
Patricia Rincon . Theatre & Dance
Kim Rubinstein Theatre & Dance
Lora Powell Theatre & Dance
Grant Kester Visual Arts
Ruben Ortiz Visual Arts
Kuiyi Shen Visual Arts