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Information Just for Transfer Students

Transfer Connect and Success Program

Transfer Connect & Success Program

As a transfer student, you only have a couple of years to get to know campus resources, faculty, staff, and fellow students. The Transfer Connect & Success (TCS) Program is geared toward first-year transfer students and is designed to help you have a fun and successful college experience. Throughout your first year at UC San Diego, you will be invited to join a series of events and presentations that will introduce you to resources and opportunities.  TCS also provides an opportunity to form lasting social connections both within Eleanor Roosevelt College and across the undergraduate colleges.

How Does TCS Work?

Members of the TCS community will have the opportunity to attend a series of programs during their first year at UC San Diego.  Each session will include an opportunity to connect with other transfer students, a guest speaker to provide information about a topic that pertains to transfer student needs and services, and a chance to connect with someone from your College.  

Do I have to attend all of the programs?

You do not need to attend each of the sessions, however students who complete the series will receive a special UCSD gift.


Eleanor's Transfers and Commuters (ETC)

ETC is designed to help transfer students stay involved in ERC activities and events. This Organization plans and implements both on-campus and off-campus events like commuter/transfer breakfasts, movie nights, bowling and beach parties. The group is currently seeking new members - Contact Student Council at ERC by Email at or the Coordinator of Student Activities, Sonya Stepacheva at to let them know you are interested in participating and getting involved.

Other Ways to Get Involved!

If you're looking for a way to get involved at ERC, you've come to the right place! Check out all the opportunities we have for commuters, transfers, and all ERC Students alike!

Transfer Student Academics

Don't forget to refer to the Academic Advising Section of this Website for more Academic Related Questions.  You can refer to the bottom of this page for highlights on Academic Advising for Transfer Students!