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Student Organizations

For more information on any of the student organizations or leadership opportunities listed below, please call the Office of Residence Life at 858-534-2261.

PERC - Planning Events at Roosevelt College

PERC represents all ERC residents and arranges community-wide social activities such as BBQs, dances, Halloween Haunted House, Casino Night, finals study breaks, etc. 

Meetings are held every Wednesday evening at 6pm in Middle Earth

Advisor: Gregg Stewart, Assistant Director of Residence Life

IHOP - International House of Planning

This club is in charge of preparing programs on and off campus. Events could include trips to LA, Restaurant gatherings, Halloween celebrations, and more! Meetings are held to plan exciting events and utilize the I-House programming budget. This group meets weekly Mondays at 6pm.

Advisor: Malou Amparo, Assistant Director of Residence Life

Circuit Research Journal

ERC Circuit is Eleanor Roosevelt College’s first research journal dedicated to publishing the work of ERC undergraduates. Students can submit any of their own work from scientific research papers to MMW papers to photo projects for publishing consideration. For students interested in getting involved on the Circuit Staff, there are opportunities to be part of the journalism staff, which puts together the journal, and opportunities to be part of the programming staff, which promotes the journal and plans events to benefit the ERC community.


Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Coordinator of Student Activities

QuERC - Queers & Allies of ERC

QUERC builds community and raise awareness for queers and their allies in ERC. To provide safe space and discreet support for all members of our community.


Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Coordinator of Student Activities

EGERC - Ellie's Garden at ERC

By creating and maintaining a communal garden in ERC, we strive to share gardening and life-long sustainable practices, involve people in the slow food process, and create a greener ERC community.  Gardening times will change each quarter - keep an eye out for them.

Ellie's Garden Located: between Asia and Africa Hall

Ellie's Farm Located: between Europe and Latin America Halls


Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Coordinator of Student Activities

CORE - Community Outreach Effort

Premier group engaged in volunteer work in the community.  The group's activities include visits to nursing homes, local reservations, children's hospitals and its infamous Spring Break project


Advisor: Pedro Scotto, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

RnR - Rock'n'Roosevelt

The Rock 'n' Roosevelt Committee plans the annual concert on the ERC Green for ERC students. Committee members choose the bands, publicize the event and take charge of the entire production!

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Coordinator of Student Activities

PaRa - Planning Activities at Raza LLC

PaRa is a committee which represents residents living in Raza Interest Housing. Very similar to PERC and IHOP, PaRa puts on events and programs to cater to the interests and needs of the Raza Residents within ERC and UCSD as a whole.

Advisor: Malou Amparo, Assistant Director of Residence Life

ETC - Ellie's Transfers & Commuters

Description: TBD