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ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps

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What is the Math Tutor Corps?

ERC has partnered with UC San Diego’s CREATE STEM Initiative and Math for America San Diego in CREATE (Center for Research on Educational Equity, Assessment and Teaching Excellence) to offer the ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps, a two-unit, student service learning course (ERC 89) that supports underrepresented high school students with limited access to educational opportunities. The ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps course teaches undergraduate students how to tutor high school mathematics and then put those tutoring skills to work at Lincoln High School, a UC San Diego partnership school. Math Tutor Corps students serve as positive role models and mentors while supporting college access and success for high school students.

Become a Tutor

Being a tutor is a 1 quarter commitment. Tutors must enroll in and attend ERC 89, a 1h 50 min seminar class every other week (Mondays from 5:00 until 6:50 p.m. on Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10). During the seminar class, you will have a local teacher from the Math for America Fellowship Program discuss tutoring techniques to prepare all students for tutoring. 25 hours of in-class tutoring at Lincoln High School is required throughout the quarter. Tutoring typically starts from week 3 or 4.

Apply Now

  1. Application for Winter 2024
  2. Enroll in ERC 89 on WebReg
  3. Complete a TB test (within the past 3 months)

Application deadline: Friday of Week 2
All applicants are accepted
, provided they submit their application on time and complete all necessary steps.


For Questions, Contact:

Anna Bird-Pollan
Math Tutor Corps Program Coordinator


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This is a an approved Global Service Gold Activity for the 
ERC Global Service Certificate Program.