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Activity Card

ERC Global Service Certificate

Approved Programs and ActivitiesGSC-Logo-1.png

Students participating in the program must have Three Gold activities and Six Blue activities GSC stamped by an approved advisor:


ERC Provost Office – Lorna Hirae-Reese,

ERC Residence Life – Malou Amparo Robas,

ERC Student Affairs – Sarah Gallenberg,

I-House – Alan Schuchman,

MMW – Myra Dang,


All activities must be from a different program.

There are two program categories – 1) Gold and 2) Blue. See description of each category below:


Programs and activities outside of ERC can be petitioned for pre-approval. Download a petition form here and submit to the approved ERC advisor listed at the top of this page. 


To begin collecting your GSC stamped activities, download and print your certification card by clicking here and use this volunteer log to track your hours.


Certification Completion Form


To process your completed certified hours,

please complete this online 

ERC Global Service Submission Form.


Due the last day of May

If you have questions about the submission process, please contact:

Lorna Hirae-Reese

 ERC Administration Building, 3rd Floor, Room 317