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Frequently Asked Questions

What quarter is this program offered?

This program is offered during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter every year!

I'm not an ERC student, can I still take this class?

Yes! This class is open to all UCSD undergraduate students

How long do I need to tutor for this class?

You will be required to tutor for 4 hours per week for a total of 28 hours per quarter.

How often does the class meet and for how long?

The class meets every two weeks, starting week two, from 4-5:50pm in Asante Hall 123B. 

I'm not a math major, can I still take this class?

Yes! This class is open to all majors. The only required prerequisites are that you have completed Math 10A, Math 20A, or your colleges math GE requirement. 

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is available to students in the program through the Community Service Transportation Program. Shuttles are available almost every day of the week, and pick up from UCSD's campus, and drop you off directly on Lincoln's campus. You can also drive and park at Lincoln if you have a car, or take public transportation. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Jeff Lampert, the program coordinator.