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Mission Statement

Provide ERC students with the information and counseling they need to fulfill their academic and personal goals and requirements.

Serve as the repository for academic records and regularly review student records for progress toward meeting college general education and college and University graduation requirements.

Monitor compliance with the academic regulations of the University and the UCSD Academic Senate.

Provide information and referrals to enable students to take advantage of other ERC and University resources and opportunities.

Encourage and assist students in developing the personal responsibility, independence, confidence, and skills that will enable them to succeed in their college careers and become knowledgeable, contributing citizens.

ERC Educational Philosophy

ERC’s Educational Philosophy is based on the belief that to be educated in our world today means to understand one’s own history and cultural heritage and the history and thought of other major cultural traditions as well.  All ERC undergraduates will include in their academic programs a series of general requirements designed to provide a broad, multi-cultural perspective.  As graduates, they will carry with them a strong international orientation and understanding as well as expertise in their chosen academic disciplines.