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Academic Opportunities


Students must declare a major by the time they have reached 90 units.  View a complete list of undergraduate majors and degrees at UCSD on TritonLink

Major Resources

Double Major Resources

The academic senate regulations to apply for and complete a double major are:

  • With the approval of both departments or programs and of the College Provost, a student in good standing (2.0 cumulative UC GPA) may declare a double major.
  • A student with a double major must fulfill the separate requirements of each major, and the equivalent of at least ten upper-division courses (forty units) must be unique to each major. Courses taken in fulfillment of lower-division requirements may overlap to any degree.
  • The two majors may not be within the School of Engineering, nor, except with the approval of the Undergraduate Council, within a single department.
  • A student with a double major may graduate only upon completion of all requirements for both majors. Both majors will be noted on the student’s transcript and diploma. If the two majors lead to different degrees (BA and BS), that fact will be noted on the transcript, and the two degree designations will appear on one diploma.
  • A student who has declared a double major may graduate in one major upon completion of all requirements for that major.
  • A student with a double major who has reached the quarter limits of Regulation 600(C) and needs additional time to complete all requirements for both majors will be required to submit a completion plan and have it approved by their departments/programs and college prior to enrolling for additional quarters to continue work toward the degree.
  • Please note: For students enrolled at UC San Diego prior to fall 2019, a student who has declared a double major may accrue up to 240 units.
  •  ERC students may overlap no more than 3 upper-division courses between their double majors and their GE requirements. The DEI Requirementand Upper-Division Writing Requirement GEcan always overlap with any requirement and are not included in this limit.

Students must submit a Double Major Petition with an accurate quarter by quarter plan (including major, GE, any minors if applicable, and University requirements), reviewed and signed by both departments, and a statement of purpose to ERC Advising for consideration


For students pursuing a BS/MS or BA/MA program looking to do a double major, you must be able to complete the secondary major before or in the same quarter you complete the BS or BA requirements to move on to your MS or MA courses. Otherwise you will forfeit your double major and be allowed only to complete your BS/MS or BA/MA program.



A minor is a set of courses within a well-defined subject. Academic departments and programs may offer minors. The requirements must include at least 28 units, including at least 20 upper-division units.

See below for more information regarding minors offered by Eleanor Roosevelt College.

are If you're an undergraduate and you want to declare a minor, follow the steps below.

Human Rights and Migration Minor (Starting Fall 2020)

Available to all UCSD students. 

See here for more information: Human Rights and Migration Minor (Starting Fall 2020)

Special Minor

Available to ERC students. 

See here for more information: Special Minor

Review the Graduation Requirements page on our website regarding the Maximum Unit Limitation (pre-FA19) or Maximum Quarter Limitation and Minors.


First Year Experience (FYE) at UC San Diego

First Year Experience Program (ERC 1) and Transfer Experience Program (ERC 2) are exciting 2-unit courses designed to help new students get the most out of their first year at UC San Diego and become more engaged and informed students. Learn more about UC San Diego's First Year Experience Program 

How to Enroll

How to Enroll?

  • Log into Web Reg 
  • Select ERC 1 (First Year) or ERC 2 (Transfer) 

Questions: Contact ERC Advising via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) 

ERC 1, First Year Experience

  • Practical advice about student life and educational strategies for success (both in and out of the classroom)
  • Direct support and guidance to ease your transition from high school to college
  • An introduction to Eleanor Roosevelt College, campus resources, research and involvement opportunities, and more...

ERC 2, Transfer Experience

  • Direct support and guidance to ease your transition to UC San Diego
  • Prepare transfer students with the necessary tools to be academically successful
  • Practical advice about student life and educational strategies for success (both in and out of the classroom)
  • An introduction to your college, campus resources, research and involvement opportunities and much more...

Benefits of Enrolling in ERC 1 or ERC 2

  • Awareness of internships, research opportunities, study abroad programs, and more
  • More effective research and study skills
  • Stronger time management skills
  • Increased confidence interacting with faculty
  • Increased awareness of how personal well-being impacts academic performance
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • More information about choosing a major and minor 
  • Exposure to topics that address diversity and social justice
  • Solid understanding of expectations about academic integrity 

Eleanor Roosevelt College Discussion Leaders on FYE



Honors programs at Eleanor Roosevelt College and UC San Diego have been established to provide exceptionally motivated and capable students with enhanced educational experiences through close interaction with faculty and other honors students.

Academic Honors Programs

Please see Academic Honors Programs for more information on the following programs:

  • ERC First Year Honors Seminar
  • ERC Sophomore Honors Project
  • Provost Honors
  • Departmental Honors
  • University Honors
  • Phi Betta Kappa
  • Research Opportunities 
  • Internship Programs