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Event Planning Checklist

Please be sure to use the following checklist as the basis for holding a successful event!  You can find links to necessary forms and websites within this checklist.  If you have any questions please be sure to contact your organization's advisor or reach out to the ERC Coordinator of Student Activities, Sonya Stepacheva


  • Brainstorm, sort and evaluate
    • Narrow the ideas down to the event that best suits your organization’s needs and the type of outcome you are looking for.
    • What do you hope to accomplish? What population will your event or activity attract? Does the event reflect your group’s mission?
  • Create a budget
    • You may want to request funding for your event from SCERC (Student Council of ERC)
    • Identify other organizations and/or departments that may want to co-sponsor the event.  They may be able to offer monetary support.
  • Determine dates, times and locations
    • Check the Student Life Calendar for potential conflicts.  You should also look for holidays, college closings, etc.
    • Does the date give you enough time to plan?


  • Complete room reservation forms.
  • Reach out to the Coordinator of Student Activities (CSA).
    • ERC CSA:  Sonya Stepacheva
    • The CSA can provide information about contracts for vendors, performers, etc.
      • Students are not allowed to sign contracts on behalf of the college.  This is for your protection so that you are not sued if anything goes wrong.
    • Set up a meeting with the CSA for large events or events where off campus guests will be invited.
    • Students are required to sign waivers for all activities.
  • Contact speaker or entertainment.
    • Arrange travel and accommodations required by speaker or entertainer.
    • Be clear when speaking with the entertainer that this is a preliminary conversation pending approval of contract.
  • Get security and/or U.C.P.D. for large scale events.
  • Reserve parking space for performers.
  • Arrange for refreshments.
    • When requesting an order that is over $1000 you must have one comparative quote. When requesting an over that is over $10,000 you must have two comparative quotes.
    • Discuss with the vendor how they would like to be paid.
    • Complete a Temporary Food Facility Permit.
  • Plan and start looking up decorations.
    • Look in the ERC Work Room to ensure we do not already have the necessary supplies.
  • Develop publicity and promotion campaign.
    • Have CoO representative discuss the event at weekly meeting so that it will be submitted to the CoO Calendar.


  • Finalize room set ups
    • This is an important step if you need audio/visual (A/V) Equipment
  • Create advertisements
    • Email to submit advertisement for Ellie’s Weekly Newsletter.
    • Arrange tabling dates with Cafe V or other areas on campus
    • Instagram and other social media sites.
    • Hang Posters around ERC and campus. (Bring some up to the ERC Student Affairs Front Desk for information on how to post around the ERC Admin Building.  Remember to get all posters approved by ERC Res Life Office before posting in the Residential Areas)
  • Confirm with your adviser that they will be present if necessary by event planning policies and procedures
  • Confirm speaker or entertainment
    • It’s a good idea to check in with the speaker or entertainment to confirm event details.
  • Consider having participants fill out an evaluation of your program
  • Purchase supplies, but check with the CSA or your advisor first.


  • Sell tickets if that’s required.
  • Reach out to SCERC to get permission to use any supplies in the Work Room.
  • Confirm payment with the CSA.
    • Make arrangements for petty cash, reimbursements, etc.
  • Make an Event Packet
    • Include all contact information, volunteer tasks, ect.
  • Reach out to CSA to set up a Tablet system for your event and schedule a time to pick them up.


  • Pick up equipment


  • Decorate and set up
  • Pick up Tablets.
  • Have participants fill out a waiver, if required
  • Have participants fill out an evaluation at end of the event
  • Relax and Enjoy


  • Clean up event area
    • Facilities Management Services will take care of trash removal, general cleaning, and resetting the furniture.  Be sure to collect all of your belongings and pick up major trash from the floor, tables, and other surfaces.  It's ALWAYS a good idea to leave a place looking BETTER than how you found it!


  • Return all equipment and ensure the Workroom is clean.
  • Complete the ERC program evaluation form.
    • It’s important to work with your group to discuss the highlights and low points of your program.  Working together to process through the pros and cons will help your team program better for your next event!
  • Reconcile all financial records. Make sure you submit all receipts to the Program Assistant.
  • Remove posters/signs/banners