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MMW Global Seminars

Global Seminar in Rome, Italy 

MMW offers summer programs abroad called Global Seminars, which we have taught on every continent except Antarctica.  Global Seminars offer enriching opportunities in a small learning environment, with each program with only 15 - 28 students. These are MMW faculty-led five-week long summer programs, combining two courses (8-units total), which fulfill MMW requirements (MMW14, 15, or 122 for transfer students), as well as other general education or graduation requirements.    

MMW has been offering programs abroad since 2008, when the UCSD Global Seminars began.  MMW programs have been taught in Australia, Cambodia, Chile, the Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and Zambia.   

To learn more, review UC San Diego Study Abroad website, submit a question through VAC to a Study Abroad advisor, or reach out directly to the MMW office. 

Summer 2023

In Summer 2023, MMW will offer the following five-week Global Seminars:

  • MMW14 in Spain - Prof. O. Zhiri
  • MMW15 in Chile - Prof. Babak Rahimi

All Global Seminars fulfills the MMW122 requirement for transfer students.

Summer 2024

For Summer 2024, MMW is planning the following five-week Global Seminars:

  • MMW14 in Japan - Prof. Edmond Chang
  • MMW14 in Israel - Prof. Deborah Hertz 
  • MMW15 in South Africa
  • MMW15 - Disability-focused MMW/DEI program in Santa Cruz, CA (3 weeks remote, 2 weeks on site) - Prof. Matthew Herbst 

All Global Seminars fulfill the MMW122 requirement for transfer students.

Contact for details.