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UC San Diego Grading Policies and Procedure

Grades in Undergraduate Courses

A = Excellent
B = Good
C = Fair
D = Poor
F = Fail
P = Pass (equates to C - )
NP = No Pass (equates to D or F)
I = Incomplete (must be approved by instructor for good reason
IP = In Progress (approved for multi-quarter sequences)
Blank = No Record (no report received)- lapses to an F grade the following quarter
W = Withdrew
* Visit our Graduation Requirements and Regulations page for additional information on graduation.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Withdrawing from a Class

You may drop a course by Friday of Week 6 via WebReg. Be aware of drop deadlines as posted on TritonLink. A course dropped before the end of Week 4 will not be entered on your transcript.

If you would like to withdraw from all of your courses, you must file a Withdrawal form (e-form). You can only drop up to your last course on TritonLink via WebReg.

Withdrawal (Grade "W")

The Registrar will assign a final grade of "W" for courses dropped between Week 5 and the end of Week 6. A "W" grade on your transcript is disregarded in determining your GPA. Students are only allowed to receive one "W" grade per course.

Incomplete (Grade "I")

If it is prior to Finals Week and you are unable to complete a course due to a very serious reason (such as an illness), can provide documentation for your situation  and your work in the course is of passing quality, see your instructor about arranging for a grade of "Incomplete". You must work directly with your professor of the class you are attempting to request an incomplete for. If you are unable to contact your professor, contact the respective advising department of the course. 
Any questions? Post a question on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) or call ERC Advising at 858-534-9864.