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Eleanor Roosevelt College

Student Organizations

This image depicts approximately 50 students all wearing dark red "Roosevelt" shirts and smiling on a grass field after participating in UnOlympics.

Student Council of ERC (SCERC)

Ellie's Garden at ERC (EGERC)

By creating and maintaining a communal garden in ERC, we strive to share gardening and life-long sustainable practices, involve people in the slow food process, and create a greener ERC community.  Gardening times will change each quarter - keep an eye out for them

Ellie's Garden Located: Between Asia and Africa Halls

Ellie's Farm Located: Between Europe and Latin America Halls


Gabriella Butters -

Noura Enaya -

Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva

Planning Events at Roosevelt College (PERC)

PERC is the fun and innovative student organization that plans programs both small and large for students living on campus in the residence halls and apartments at ERC. They host activities such as the Halloween Carnival, Casino Night, and study breaks.


Welcome Week Committee

These students are responsible for executing the Welcome Week activities and helping new students acclimate to the University. These students serve as the main liaison in the all campus UnOlympics competition between the seven undergraduate colleges.

Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva


Spirit Week Committee

A committee of students who plan Spirit Week and Homecoming events. These students are responsible for ensuring that Eleanor Roosevelt College is proudly showing their Triton spirit! Activities include designing merchandise, participating in banner and chalking competitions, and attending athletic events.

 Advisor: William Songer

International Women's Week Committee

A committee of students who plan and execute the annual International Women's Week. Eleanor Roosevelt College is the only undergraduate college named after woman and ERC students take time to celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world.


Amy Nguyen -

Jewel Guo -

 Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva

Rock 'n Roosevelt Committee

The Rock 'n Roosevelt Committee plans the annual Winter Quarter concert that takes place in the Price Center Ballrooms and is available for all UCSD Undergraduates to attend! Committee members choose the bands, publicize the event and take charge of the entire production! Come Join us and plan a CONCERT!


Hannah Marine -

Trinity Leahy -

Natalie Schiefferly -

 Advisor: Sarah Gallenberg


Senior Committee

Make your senior year everything you've imagined it to be by getting involved with the ERC Senior Committee! Committee members plan activities for graduating seniors, including a ResHall Reunion, Senior Night Happy Hour, Senior Brunch and the June commencement ceremony.

 Advisor: Sarah Gallenberg



Ellie's Transfers and Commuters (ETC)

ETC is designed to help transfer and commuter students get acquainted and stay involved at ERC through events both on and off campus such as free breakfasts, movie nights, barbeques and other activities

Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva


Founded in 2016, CIRCUIT has been at the frontlines of publishing non-STEM related research and creative works in a simultaneously professional and fun way, giving the students of ERC the chance to have their work officially published under a university journal.


Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva

ERC Board Game Club

Advisor: Sonya Stepacheva

Meetings Overview

Spring Meeting Schedule Coming Soon!