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MMW Global Seminar in Istanbul--Hagia Sophia

ERC Provost Richard Madsen and Lama Tenzin with Prof. Chang and his students
before their departure to meet with the Dalai Lama in India in June 2015.

Making of the Modern World

Welcome to the Making of the Modern World (MMW) program.  As the general education course sequence for ERC, MMW provides an interdisciplinary overview of the world from the emergence of the human species to the present.  MMW is an academic expression of the mission of ERC, which is, in part, “to feature dimensions of international understanding and cultural diversity.”

We are committed to ensuring that our graduates, who come from all academic disciplines, have a basic understanding of the diverse human experience that has shaped our world.  MMW provides that understanding, while also teaching research and writing skills critical for academic success at the university. 

For information about the program, please feel free to explore this website or contact the MMW program at any time.

Matthew Herbst
Faculty Director, Making of the Modern World Program


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