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Study Abroad as an ERC Student

The world cannot be understood from a single point of view -Eleanor Roosevelt


Why study abroad?

  • Multiply your career options with international experience
  • Opportunities exist for students of all language levels
  • Go anytime, according to your schedule - not just for a year or semester
  • It's affordable! Living costs in some countries are cheaper than in La Jolla
  • Graduate on time - talk to your major advisor and ERC academic counselor about how easy it is to fit study abroad into your degree

How can I go abroad?

University of California's Education Abroad Progam (EAP)UC San Diego's Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP) and Global Seminars, you may study, work, volunteer and pursue internships throughout the world while earning credit towards your degree and gaining valuable international experience.

What are the first steps?

Visit the Student Abroad Office Website to find out more!
  • Virtual Front Desk 
  • Virtual Drop-in Advising
  • Program Informational Sessions
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

Where can I study abroad?

The key to success is planning! Taking your ERC general education requirements is easy anywhere in the world. Learn more about how to choose courses abroad for your ERC general education requirements:Guidelines for Choosing Courses Abroad

For help with your academic planning, visit Academics Planning for your first three steps:

1) Find your major advising page (MAP)

2) Search Programs by Department or College

3) Search UCEAP UC San Diego Campus Credit Database or UC systemwide UCEAP Courses

What will it cost and are there any scholarships?

Study on EAP/OAP can be comparable to the cost of study at UC. In some cases, it is less. EAP participants pay UC fees and continue to receive UC financial aid while abroad. Furthermore, EAP students are eligible for special grants and scholarships from UC, the host country, and other sources.

OAP students may retain all or some of their funding while abroad, including special study abroad scholarships, but because of the variety of the programs found through OAP, costs for individual programs can vary greatly.

ERC offers the Jane Hett Study Abroad Memorial Scholarship for students studying in EAP/OAP programs during winter/spring and summer/fall cycles.

Check here for specific information about the scholarship: Jane Hett Study Abroad Memorial Scholarship

Check here for specific information about other scholarships and financial aid: Finances

Where can I learn about Global Seminars?

Which Global Seminars satisfy the General Education requirements?

Please use the following list to see what courses meet ERC's GE requirements.

Global Seminars: ERC GE Approved LIst

For courses not listed, you can always petition the courses.

ERC GE Petition Request:

If you are requesting a college exception to substitute for a GE course, then please submit a VAC message--go to the "Ask a Question".

Transfer/Study Abroad course: Petitioning a completed transfer course (course listed in your Academic History), or petitioning pre-approval for a course yet not taken (pending receipt of official transcripts verifying appropriate transfer units and grade).

  • List the GE Area: Fine Arts, Quant/Formal Skills, Natural Science, Language, Regional Specialization
  • Provide a link to course description or course syllabus. If no link is available, then email the course syllabus to (Subject line: GE Petition, and please include your PID number)
  • Name of institution
  • Course name and course number (i.e., SPAN 201)

Please allow five business days to process your request.  


Study Abroad First Steps:

Quick Guide to Study Abroad Program Options

Quick Guide to Financing Your Study Abroad

Quick Guide to Selecting Courses for Study Abroad

Quick Guide to Timing Your Study Abroad

Quick Guide to Choosing Your Study Abroad Location

Quick Guide to Internships & Research