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Applying for Readmission to UC San Diego

If you have not been enrolled in classes at UC San Diego for two full quarters, you must apply for readmission. The Readmission Application along with deadlines for each term is available online at

*Please note that Tuberculosis (TB) screening is a university admission requirement for all newly readmitted students. Visit the Student Health Services website for detailed instructions to clear the requirement so that you can avoid a hold on your record and enroll in classes in a timely manner.

Click on your situation (below) for further instructions:

If you left UC San Diego with a hold placed by the Dean of Student Affairs

You must contact that office to have the hold lifted to process your application for readmission. ERC Student Affairs can be reached at 858-534-2237.

If you left UC San Diego on your own volition, i.e. you were NOT academically disqualified

  1. Submit an Online Readmission Application and pay the required fee.
  2. If you left the university in good standing, a review by the advising office will not be required.
  3. If you were Subject to Disqualification upon leaving the university, your readmission will be reviewed by Academic Advising so that a new academic notice for your quarter of return can be generated.
  4. You will be required to clear any holds on your record before the readmission process can be completed.

If you were disqualified from UC San Diego for failing to meet the Entry Level Writing (Subject A) Requirement

  1. You must show the Analytical Writing Program that you have completed at least one college level composition course, as well as papers written in that course. The Analytical Writing Program can be reached at: 858-534-6177.
  2. You will need to pass the Redemption Exam.
  3. If the Analytical Writing Program determines you have met the ELWR, they will contact our office then you will submit an Online Readmission Application with the Registrar's Office and pay the required fee. Approval from Academic Advising may be required to readmit you. You will be required to clear any holds on your record before the readmission process can be completed.  Please be aware of the Readmission deadlines, they are strictly enforced. 
  4. If you were also disqualified for academic performance, you will need to follow the appeals process outlined in the next link.

If you were academically disqualified from UC San Diego or left while on Subject to Disqualification

  1. Please review the Readmission Website for conditions for readmission.  
  2. Complete the College Readmission Evaluation Form and return it to the ERC Advising Office on the third Floor of the ERC Administration Building. You may be able to view your disqualification notice through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), a secured site which requires your UC San Diego PID and password. This outlines the requirements that must be met to be considered for readmission. If your notice is not posted and you no longer have a copy, contact our office and we can review your status with you.
  3. Please note that the College Readmission Evaluation Form must be received by the ERC Advising Office at least two weeks prior to the University's deadline to apply for readmission.
  4. ERC Advising will contact about the status of your College Readmission Evaluation Form via the VAC.
  5. Submit an Online Readmission Application with the Registrar's Office.
  6. Check the VAC for your new academic notice. You will be responsible for understanding and meeting the terms of the notice in order to be allowed to return to UC San Diego. If you have been readmitted after an academic disqualification, you will not be granted an appeal to return upon a subsequent disqualification. You should carefully consider your decision to return to UC San Diego and feel confident in your ability to succeed in your classes.
  7. If you have attended another college or university since you were at UC San Diego, send official transcripts to the UCSD Admissions Office for posting to your TritonLink account.  Unofficial copies must be attached to your appeal form.
  8. The Registrar's Office will contact you when the process is complete with instructions as to how you can enroll in your classes.
  9. Be sure to pay all fees on time!
Any questions? Post a question on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) or call ERC Advising at 858-534-9864.