The Medieval Heritage

A survey of the period from roughly 100 BCE to 1200 CE, this quarter concentrates on: the development of China from the late Han to the Song dynasty; Imperial Rome and the emergence of a Christian Mediterranean civilization; and the origins and spread of Islam. The course will emphasize cross-cultural contacts, developments in Buddhism both within and outside of India, and the dynamism of medieval societies in contrast to the image of static or "dark" ages. Specific topics include the rise of towns, the growth of commerce, the rise (and fall) of empires, and the development of universal religions. The quarter includes intensive instruction in university-level writing.

Writing Assignments

Week One:

Week Two:

Edmond Chang - Track A

Lecture Outlines

Track A: TA Policy Statements

Matthew Herbst - Track B

Track B: TA Policy Statements

Matthew Herbst - Track C

Track C: TA Policy Statements