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Can I change my webreg appointment time?

No.  In your first quarter WebReg appointment times are randomly assigned by the Registrar's office.

What’s the difference between a discussion section and lecture?

The lecture is the larger class taught by a faculty person and the discussion section is the smaller class taught by a teaching assistant.

Are the classes listed in the schedule of classes the only ones offered in fall?  Where do I find a list of all UCSD courses?

Yes. The schedule of classes reflects the current quarter's course offerings.  You can find all UCSD courses in the General Catalog: http://catalog.ucsd.edu.

How many units should I take in my first quarter?

If you are not working and have no other time commitments we recommend registering for four classes.  This gives you the option to drop one and remain full-time if you need to.

Can I enroll in two sections of the same class?

No.  You will need to choose one.

Can I sign up for classes that aren’t in my major?

Yes, these would be elective courses; that is, courses not used for your major or GE requirements.  Be sure that you are making progress in your major and GE.  Some department's close their classes to major/minor students only so be sure to check pre-requisites.

Will more seats open before my registration appointment time?

Yes.  Seats are being held in some courses for new students.


Do I need to complete my Partial IGETC missing course(s) before I can enroll in Fall quarter courses?

No, you just need to be sure you complete your missing course(s) by the time you graduate.

I didn’t finish my IGETC.  Will the system categorize me as partial IGETC?  Or do I need to submit a partial IGETC?

You must have an official partial IGETC certification on record to be categorized as partial IGETC. Check your academic history in TritonLink to verify this.

Does my community college GPA transfer to UCSD?

No, your community college GPA will not be factored into your UC GPA. Only UCSD or other UC courses will factor into your GPA.


Can you explained the ERC Language requirement?

Please review this requirement at http://roosevelt.ucsd.edu/academics/gen-ed/index.html

Am I required to take MMW during my first two quarters?

You are required to take MMW 121 and 122 but are not required to do so in your first two quarters.  However, we do recommend this as you will be sure to complete it and will be in the class with fellow first year transfer students.

Can I take MMW 121 and 122 in the same quarter?

No.  MMW 121 is offered in the Fall and MMW 122 is offered in the Winter during the academic year.

Will I get a seat in MMW 121?

Seats have been saved in MMW 121 to try to make room for all new transfer students.  You should register as close to your appointment time as you can to have the best chance of getting the classes you want.


What academic support services are available to me?

The Teaching & Learning Commons provides free tutoring and resources for you. 

What is the maximum number of units that can transfer from a community college?

You can transfer up to 105 units from community college.

How many units do I need to graduate? How many upper division units do I need?

You need 180 units to graduate, 60 of which must be upper division.

What does LD mean?

LD stands for lower division which is any class numbered 1-99.  Upper division (UD) classes are numbered 100-199.

How do we declare a minor or change major?

Once you are enrolled in courses you can use the major/minor tool on TritonLink.  If you want to declare a capped major you need to speak directly to that department for information on any exceptional admission process.

How can I petition to use a community college class for a major or GE requirement?

For a major requirement you need to speak with your major department advisor.  To petition a GE requirement, bring the course syllabus in to ERC Academic Advising and complete an undergraduate student petition.

Do I have to take the Math Placement Exam?

You only need to take the Math Placement Exam if you need to take calculus and have not placed into it by any other means.  Read more here.

How do I take the language placement exam?

For Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portugese, American Sign Language, or Spanish go to http://lang.ucsd.edu/llp/

For Korean, Russian, Greek, or Latin go to http://literature.ucsd.edu/

For Chinese go to http://chinesestudies.ucsd.edu/

For Japanese go to http://japan.ucsd.edu/

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