Information & Services Provided by the Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs staff members are here to help you succeed during your time here at college.  There are several things our office can help you with including directing you to various on campus services, helping you with emergency situations that may arise either at home or on campus, and even completing certain forms and documents.

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Dean Certification - Disciplinary Background Check

  • What is a Dean’s Certification?
    Many graduate schools as well as professional organizations require a Dean’s Certification to check your disciplinary records as well as your academic disciplinary history as part of your application process.  The Certification may come as a physical form that our office will fill out, a simple phone call to the school, or a written letter explaining your disciplinary history.  It is your responsibility to find out how exactly the organization or school would like to receive this information.
  • I need a Dean’s Certification - how to I get one?
    To make every effort to process your forms quickly, be sure to carefully follow the steps below and please plan ahead.  Your request will be processed within 10 business days of the date your materials and request are received.

    Form: If the institution or organization has a form, you will first need to obtain that form and/or any specific instructions from the institution to which you are applying.  Be sure to complete any sections or signatures that you as the requestor are responsible for. 

Letter: If the institution or organization needs a written letter please provide the instructions and specific information that they want included in the letter to our office along with the other items listed below.  It is also recommended that you provide our office with a current Resume so that the Dean can tailor the letter to you specifically.

Either bring the requested materials into the ERC Student Affairs Office or you can send all the information and materials to us.   Be sure to include a cover letter which contains all the following information:

    • Your First and Last Name
    • Your UCSD Student PID
    • Approximate dates of attendance at UCSD
    • A daytime phone number or email address where you can be reached
    • Name and address of Institution for which the form is being completed
    • Instructions regarding how the institution would like to receive the form when completed.

Some institutions require that the Dean’s Certification be sent directly to them from our office.  If that is the case  other institutions prefer that this form be sent back to you to mail in with the remaining application materials. All forms will be sealed in an envelope with a stamp/signature on the back.

  • Submitting Multiple Requests
    If you are submitting forms for multiple schools, please simply provide your contact information once.  Then for each of the schools please clearly list the names and addresses of the institutions as well as the specific information and instructions for each school’s preferences.
  • Sending Items to our Office:


ATTN: ERC Student Affairs Office
9500 Gilman Drive #0546
La Jolla, CA 92093-0546


858-534-4791 - Be sure to include a cover sheet when faxing as this fax machine is used by multiple departments

Emailing: - be sure that all documents are in Microsoft Word or .pdf format to be sure that we can open the attachments.  If the forms need your signature or information from you, be sure that the those sections are completed before scanning and emailing it to us.  Note - sometimes "online/electronic signatures" do not save.  It is always best to print the form, sign it and then scan the signed form and save as an attachment.

Questions? Please contact the ERC Student Affairs Office at 858-534-2237 or email

Study Abroad Judicial Affairs Forms

Often times the Study Abroad Program you are applying to will ask you to complete a form that confirms your disciplinary background and academic standing.  That is a form you can bring to our office.

Global Seminar Judicial Affairs Forms