ERC Orientation Team 2018

Freshman Orientation Team 2016

Senior Orientation Leaders (Sr. OLs)

  • Bettina Marie A. Gerez

    Bettina Marie A. Gerez

    Hometown: Hayward, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Waray-Waray (Filipino Dialect)

    "Hello all! My name is Bettina and I am a 2nd year, Cognitive Science Specialization in Neuroscience student here at ERC. I am involved in Associated Students here on Campus. I love being involved with school affairs which is why I am part of Associated Students and plan to continue working with them. During my free time, I enjoy cooking and watching Netflix especially with my busy schedule. I am super excited to make the incoming students and their families welcomed in our ERC community during Orientation!"

  • Jerry Li

    Jerry Li

    HometownDiamond Bar, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Chinese

    "Hello! I'm a 3rd year chemistry major from ERC. At UCSD I'm involved with the dance team kunFUSION. I enjoy cooking food and playing video games."

  • Sammy Guan

    Sammy Guan

    HometownModesto, CA

    Languages I know/speak:Cantonese,Mandarin

    "Hello y'all! My name is Sammy and I am a 2nd year, general biology major student here at ERC. I'm involved in CORE, which is a service club here on campus. I enjoy doing volunteer work and reading during my free time. I have studied abroad in New Zealand last summer and done a service trip in Belize last spring break! I am most excited to help new students and families feel welcome during orientation."

  • Yasmine Saraf

    Yasmine Saraf

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Farsi, Intermediate Spanish

    "Hello everyone! My name is Yasmine and I am a third year Human Biology major and Psychology minor. Here at UC San Diego, I'm involved with the American Medical Student Association, which is a pre-med organization that provides valuable resources and opportunities for students who want to pursue the medical field. In my free time, I enjoy going on spontaneous adventures to small cafes, journaling my thoughts, capturing memories and creating short films. For ERC Orientation, I look forward to working with the new Orientation team and engaging in lots of group bonding!"

Orientation Leaders (OLs)

  • Adriel Arabe

    Adriel Arabe

    Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

    "Hey y'all! My name is Adriel and I'm a 2nd year, social psychology major here at ERC. I'm involved in VSA and KP, which are cultural clubs here on campus. In my spare time I'm usually out exploring San Diego with my friends, watching my favorite shows, or drawing/painting/reading. I'm mostly excited in helping the new students make new connections, getting the comfortable with not only the ERC campus but UCSD as a whole, and creating a positive experience for the incoming class.

  • Audrey Cervantes

    Audrey Cervantes

    Hometown: Riverside, CA

    "Hi! I'm Audrey and I am a second year ERC student studying Human Biology. I work in a biomedical research lab and I am a general member of BPSHI. During my free time I like hiking, napping, watching documentaries and exploring San Diego and trying new food with my friends. I am excited to meet new people and help incoming freshmen become less anxious about starting school. My goal is for new students to make friends during orientation and help them get excited about starting their academic careers."

  • Azriel Almera

    Azriel Almera

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Tagalog

    "Hey y’all! My name is Azriel Almera and I am a first year at ERC. I am a choreographer for the dance team KunFUSION and an intern with the Student Sustainability Collective. I love to dance and sing! I also enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. I am excited to welcome incoming students and their families to the ERC community."

  • Cambria Lyon

    Cambria Lyon

    Hometown: Sacramento, CA

    Languages I know/speak: American Sign Language

    "Hi! I'm Cambria, a 1st year student in ERC majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in International Studies. I'm apart of several student orgs on campus, including Engineers for a More Sustainable World, Society of Women Engineers, and Greeks Gone Green. I love going for runs on the beach or going to the beach to swim and read a book! I can't wait to meet all the incoming ERC students and introduce them to all the wonderful things UCSD has to offer!"

  • Camille Sotelo

    Camille Sotelo

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    "Hey y'all, my name is Camille and I am a 2nd year Biochemistry & Cell Biology major student here at ERC. I was the Revelle Representative on Student Council of ERC my first year and I am still involved in Kaibigang Pilipin@ which is a Filipino org here on campus. Catch me hiking all over San Diego, sitting in one spot for 5+ hours to edit a video, playing the piano in Middle Earth, spilling out pun jokes, or assisting you wonderful people at the UCSD Bookstore. I love meeting anyone and everyone, so I can't wait to help y'all transition to this phenomenal university that I call home."

  • Christie Kim

    Christie Kim

    Hometown: Cerritos, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Korean, Spanish

    "Hello everyone and welcome to the Triton family! My name is Christie and I'm a 2nd year, Physiology and Neuroscience major student here at ERC. I'm involved in HMP3 and AMSA, which are pre-health clubs here on campus! I love being outdoors and helping out the community whenever I can. I am really excited to get to know all of ya'll and make ya'll feel comfortable and cozy in your new home! Also, if you are ever lost on campus, I'll be here to help you find the lit path! In fact, I will come to your rescue!"

  • Christine Wenzel

    Christine Wenzel

    HometownLafayette, CA

    "Hello there! My name is Christine and I'm majoring in Global Health with a minor in music. I love travelling and learning about new cultures, which is one of the reasons why I love ERC so much! I'm also involved with the UCSD wind ensemble, language conversation tables at I-House, and ERC's Break Away Global Service organization. I hope that by the end of orientation all new students and families come to love ERC as much as I do!"

  • Heidi Hernandez

    Heidi Hernandez

    Hometown: Orange County, CA

    Languages I know/speak:  Spanish

    "Hey y’all! My name is Heidi and I am a 1st year, cognitive science major at ERC. I am currently involved with KASA and am a part of Ascension, a collegiate dance team. I love dancing on my own time and with my teammates. I also enjoy going on scenic hikes and runs, especially near the beach. I am eager to meet new students and make them and their families feel welcome and excited for the upcoming year :)"

  • Helen Castellon

    Helen Castellon

    Hometown: Menifee, CA

    Languages I know/speak: American Sign Language, Spanish

    "Hey! My name is Helen and I am a 1st year Political Science-American Politics major. I am a student in ERC. Apart from that I am a staff writer for the Arts and Culture section for Triton News. I enjoy most types of music and love collecting records. I also am a student worker at the Pines dining hall. I am really excited to share my ERC experiences with new students and families!"

  • Jack Scaglione

    Jack Scaglione

    Hometown: Sacramento, CA

    Languages I know/speak: French

    "Hey! My name is Jack Scaglione and I am a First Year Political Science Student here at Eleanor Roosevelt College. I am an active member of Planning at ERC (PERC) and an Air Force ROTC Cadet at San Diego State University. I enjoy hiking around San Diego and exploring the region in my free time. I am really looking forward to getting to know our new students as we welcome you to the UC San Diego Community!"

  • Jacqueline Arroyo

    Jacqueline Arroyo

    Hometown: Coachella, CA

    "Hi everyone! I'm a 2nd year political science major. I'm currently involved in Student Council of ERC. I have a passion for reading, cats, and theatre! I am incredibly eager to get to know the incoming class and preparing them for the start of their bright futures here at ERC."

  • Jennifer Zhang

    Jennifer Zhang

    Hometown: Pasadena, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Chinese

    "Hey everyone! My name is Jennifer and I'm a current 1st year Biochemistry major in ERC from Pasadena, California! I'm involved in APSA, an Asian-American and Pacific Islander social justice and political awareness club on campus, and I'm also a barista at Audrey's Cafe in the library. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and getting food with friends. I'm super excited to welcome new students and their families to UCSD during orientation!"

  • Kenji Asakura

    Kenji Asakura

    Hometown: Penang, Malaysia

    Languages I know/speak: Some Chinese, Japanese, Malay

    "Hello everyone! My name is Kenji and I am a Second Year, Global Health major in ERC. I am involved in Associated Students, the student government body on Campus. In my free time, I like traveling, meeting new people and listening to audiobooks. If you want someone to talk to on campus about anything, come find me!"

  • Muhammad Tauha

    Muhammad Tauha

    Hometown:  Karachi, Pakistan

    Languages I know/speak: Urdu and Hindi

    "Hello, my name is Muhammad Tauha and I am a 3rd year, International Business Major and Political Science Minor student here at ERC. I'm involved in Lumnus Consulting which is a student run consulting organisation. I also work with Office of College Affairs which is a part of Associated students and it works to make sure that all the six colleges have enough avenues for collaboration. I'm really excited to meet new students and families and welcome them to this great institution which they will be calling home for the upcoming years. "

  • Raana Rowshan

    Raana Rowshan

    Hometown: Irvine, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Farsi

    "Hello y'all! My name is Raana and I am a first year, political science major student at ERC. Unfortunately, I'm currently not involved in any organizations. I was born in Tehran, Iran but I've been living in Irvine CA, for about two years now. I love getting to know new people and learn about their culture. During my free time, here at UCSD I gather around with my suit mates and watch tv and just girl talk. I love swimming and it has been a great part of my life, and it has brought amazing people to me. I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things through this experience!"

  • Rossel-Joyce Garcia

    Rossel-Joyce Garcia

    Hometown: Vallejo, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Tagalog

    "YO! I’m RJ and I’m an ERC student. I’m going into my second year and I’m a Cognitive Science Design and Interaction major! In my free time, I enjoy listening to music or playing soccer! I can’t wait to work with all the new students and their families and help welcome them into UCSD’s great community!"

  • Sachi Murdeshwar

    Sachi Murdeshwar

    Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Conversational Spanish

    "Hi y'all! My name is Sachi and I am a 4th year, Biochemistry and Anthropology double major student here at ERC. I'm involved in AED which is a pre-health honors society here on campus. I enjoy going to concerts, crafting and baking during by free time. I am most excited to meet all the incoming freshman and welcome them to UCSD!"

  • Steven Florindo

    Steven Florindo

    Hometown: Anaheim, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, some French

    "Hey! My name is Steven and I'm a second year international business major student in ERC. I love traveling, making music, and dancing! I also enjoy doing community service with various organizations on campus. I'm thrilled to meet new students and families and for the great time we'll have at orientation."

Family Orientation Leaders

  • Alexandra Sarkis

    Alexandra Sarkis

    Hometown: Chula Vista, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Spanish

    "Hello all! My name is Alexandra and I will start my second year in the fall of 2018. I am a Political Science-International Relations major and a San Diego native. I am a Language Conversation Table Host at International House where I teach and help others practice their Spanish. I enjoy learning about different cultures, making new friends and helping others in any way I can. Can't wait to meet you all at Orientation.

  • Esmeralda Naranjo

    Esmeralda Naranjo

    Hometown: Selma, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Spanish

    "My name is Esmeralda and I am a 2nd year International Business student at ERC. Apart from academics, I am involved in multiple organizations such as the International Studies Student Association, Club Swim, and as a JusticeCorps member I currently assist self-represented litigants within the County of San Diego with cases relating to Family Law. I love to work out and watch (European) football, read about current events, and encounter diverse foods and cultures on a regular basis. I am privileged and looking forward to meeting and serving future Triton families and students as they commence their journey at here at UC San Diego!"

  • Matthew Arrollado

    Matthew Arrollado

    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Languages I know/speak: Spanish

    "What's good ERC! My name's Matt and I'm a 4th year double major in Political Science - Comparative Politics BA and Marine Biology BS who was born and raised in San Diego. I enjoy long walks on the beach, denim outfits, and rockin my crocs around campus. When I'm not studying at Geisel, you can find me in Student Council of ERC meetings or comparing astrological charts with friends (Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Cancer Rising)! I'm completely stoked to welcome all of the families of our incoming students!"

  • Pilar Sandoval-Moberg

    Pilar Sandoval-Moberg

    Hometown: Ellington, CT

    Languages I know/speak: Conversational Spanish

    "Hi y'all! My name is Pilar and I am a fourth year, international studies - political science and linguistics - language studies double major. I'm involved in PERC, an organization that puts events on in ERC. I love going to concerts, playing board games, and traveling. I'm super excited to help new students learn to love ERC as I do."