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ERC Student Organizations


Student Council of ERC (SCERC)

The Council appoints students to campus-wide and college committees, sets various college policies, and provides monetary support for ERC groups and events. Elections are held Spring Quarter, and meetings are every Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. For more information about SCERC and how you can get involved, visit the SCERC website or email SCERC at


Meeting time: Thursdays at 5:30pm, ERC Administration Building, 2nd floor Conference Room

Student President: Jesus Fernandez

Student Vice President Internal: Romina Rastegar

Student Vice President External: Jacqueline Arroyo

Advisor: Patricia L. Scott, Dean of Student Affairs (858) 534-2237


Circuit is an Eleanor Roosevelt College Organization which focuses on providing ERC undergraduates with an opportunity to publish their undergraduate work. Furthermore, Circuit provides an opportunity for students to be a part of a journalism staff that not only produces the journal, but also plan events such which can bring ERC students opportunities to improve their writing or to get involved with on-campus research.

Editor-in-Chief(s):  Mikaela Barreno and Chezyrome David

Advisor: Nicoletta Skaggs, Interim Coordiantor of Student Activities

Community OutReach Effort (CORE)

CORE is Eleanor Roosevelt College's community service organization that participates in projects in the ERC, UCSD, and San Diego communities. Past activities have included running a Halloween Carnival at an Elementary School, Tutoring Middle School and High School Students, making and delivering gift baskets to terminally ill children in pediatric centers, helping feed families who can't afford their own Thanksgiving dinner, Relay for Life, and much more.

Meeting time: Meetings are held once a month- Check out Facebook for specific dates

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Ren and Jenna Howell

CORE Email:

Facebook Page: CORE at ERC

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 534-2237

Planning at ERC (PERC)

PERC is the fun and innovative student organization that plans programs both small and large for students living on campus in the residence halls and apartments at ERC. They host activities such as the Halloween Haunted House, Casino Night, Murder Mystery Theatre, blood drives and study breaks.

Meeting time: Wednesdays 5:00pm in Middle Earth

Co-Chairs: Ranjani Skankar and Treya Parikh

Facebook Page: PERC (Programming at ERC)

Advisor: Gregg Stewart, Assistant Resident Dean (858) 534-2261

Ellie's Garden at ERC (EGERC)

By creating and maintaining a communal garden in ERC, we strive to share gardening and life-long sustainable practices, involve people in the slow food process, and create a greener ERC community.  Gardening times will change each quarter - keep an eye out for them.

Meeting Time: Friday 6:00pm at Europe Hall, Common Lounge

Gardening Sessions:Saturday at noon 

Ellie's Garden Located: between Asia and Africa Halls

Ellie's Farm Located: between Europe and Latin America Halls

Student Co-Chairs: Alex Bogisich and Karandeep Singh

Ellie's Garden Email:

Facebook Page: Ellie's Garden


Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 534-2237

Eleanor's Transfers and Commuters (ETC)

Just because you may be living off campus doesn't mean that you aren't an essential part of the ERC community! ETC is designed to help transfer and commuter students get acquainted and stay involved at ERC through events both on and off campus such as free breakfasts, movie nights, barbeques and other activities.

Meeting time: Thursdays 4-5pm in the ERC Commuter Lounge

Student Chairs: Pilar Sandoval-Moberg and Sachi Murdeshwar

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 534-2237

Rock 'n' Roosevelt Committee

The Rock 'n' Roosevelt Committee plans the annual Winter Quarter concert that takes place in the Price Center Ballrooms and is available for all UCSD Undergraduates to attend! Committee members choose the bands, publicize the event and take charge of the entire production! Come Join us and plan a CONCERT!

Meeting time: Mondays 7:00pm in Middle Earth Lounge

Student Chairs: Tessa Hocquet & Soraya Pina-Contreras

Facebook Page: Rock 'n Roosevelt

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 534-2237

Senior Committee

Make your senior year everything you've imagined it to be by getting involved with the ERC Senior Committee! Committee members plan activities for graduating seniors, including a ResHall Reunion, Senior Night Happy Hour, Senior Brunch and the June commencement ceremony.

Meeting time: Contact advisor for meeting times

Student Chair: George Ku and Deborah Shin

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting  Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, (858) 534-2237

Council of Organizations (CoO)

The Council of Organizations serves as the communication platform for all student organizations at ERC. Each week, representatives from each organization meet to ensure that members of every organization know what's happening on campus. CoO is also responsible for org involvement in events such as Welcome Week, Spirit Week and Admit Day.

Student Chair: Tracy Tran

Advisor: Nicoletta Skaggs, Interim Coordinator of Student Activites, (858) 534-2237

Organizations at International House

International House has become an integral part of the ERC community and many students choose to get involved in organizations at I-House as well. For more information about I-House programs and organizations, visit the I-House website


A committee of students who plan and ececute ERC annual Semi-Formal. Students decide on venue, DJ, decorations, and entertainment.

Co-Chairs for Semi Formal: Amanda Lam and Renee Landin

Advisor: Samantha Wolf, Acting Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, 858-534-2237

International Women's Week

Chair for International Women's Week: Lorena Gonzalez

Advisor: Nicoletta Skaggs, Interim Coordinator of Student Activities, 858-534-2237

Spirit Week

Co-Chairs for Spirit Week: Jimmy McGuiness and Anna Rindels

Advisor: Nicoletta Skaggs, Interim Coordinator of Student Activities, 858-534-2237

Meetings Overview



Ellie's Garden- Gardening Session 2PM- Between Africa and Asia Halls


Spirit Committee- 6:00PM Commuter Lounge

Semi- Formal Committee - 7:30PM @ERC Conference Rm (2nd floor)

CIRCUIT -8PM @ Apartment Lounge


PERC- 5PM @ Middle Earth

Rock N' Roosevelt Committee -6PM @ Middle Earth

International Women's Week Committee- 7PM @ ERC Conference Rm (2nd floor)


 Eleanors Transfers and Commuters- 4PM @ ERC Commuter Lounge

Student Council of ERC (SCERC) - 5PM @ ERC Conference Rm (2nd floor)


Ellie's Garden (Meeting Time)- 6PM @ First Floor of Europe Hall


 Ellie's Garden- Gardening Session 12PM- Between Africa and Asia Halls