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Eleanor Roosevelt College: An Education for the 21st Century

Your college education should be challenging, engaging; a chance to explore new interests and forge your professional future! UC San Diego offers all of that and more.

At ERC we emphasize a comprehensive general education designed to prepare you to succeed in the global and multicultural economy of the 21st century. ERC is proud of our general education curriculum, complemented by a close and supportive community for our students.

The Making of the Modern World (MMW) is Roosevelt's unique interdisciplinary core sequence. In MMW you will learn to think historically and analytically, across disciplines, about both Western and non-Western societies in different places and times. Students have the option to take an MMW class abroad in summer through the Global Seminar program.

The Making of the Modern World MMW is designed to provide a broad, global overview of the past from the emergence of the human species to the contemporary world. To get a taste of what a lecture is like CLICK HERE

You will choose other courses to fulfill your general education program: two courses in quantitative or formal methods; two courses in biological or physical science; proficiency in a single language other than English; two courses in fine arts, one of which is non-Western; and a regional specialization consisting of three courses about a single geographic region. Click on the general education link on the right to view specific requirements as well as the AP chart.

ERC hosts three optional interdisciplinary minors, in International Migration Studies (IMS), Global Health, and Human Rights. These and other minors can complement your choice of major. They can be one way to prepare for some careers (for example, in law, public service, health care, and non-governmental organizations [NGOs]) or to understand your family's history in a broader context. Students pursuing the IMS minor can do field research in migrant-sending communities or work with NGOs.

Whatever your major, ERC can prepare you to succeed in an increasingly complex world.