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Parent and Family Orientation


We know behind each one of our gifted students, there is a strong support system. We recognize your desire to want to learn all you can about this new place your student is entering, and how you can support them in their transition.

In an effort to provide Parents and Family Members with the resources they desire, we will update this page with upcoming webinars and other resources throughout the summer. 


Upcoming Webinars


Helping Your Student Transition to UC San Diego with Presenter Michael Miller

Sunday, August 29 12:00pm-1:00pm

This session is designed for Parents, Family Members, and those who support students transitioning from high school or from another college to UC San Diego. Please note this session will not be addressing specifics about UC San Diego. That information will be shared via our other college webinar offerings.

Michael Miller will share the importance of recognizing transitional markers in your students adjustment to UC San Diego, and how to manage the mental and emotional challenges both you and your student may face. This highly engaging webinar is a favorite year-after-year. You won't want to miss it!

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Your Role in the ERC Community

Sunday, August 29 1:30pm-2:30pm

This session is designed for Parents, Family Members, and those who support students transitioning from high school or from another college to UC San Diego. 

College Deans share how you can support your student, and help them thrive at UCSD.

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Return to Learn Parent and Family Town Halls

Throughout Summer 2021

Listen to UC San Diego leadership answer questions from parents and families regarding housing, health care, class selection and other important topics as students return to campus for Fall Quarter 2021.

Register for upcoming Town Halls at the Return to Learn website.


Additional Campus Resources


Parent & Family Programs Introduction

The UCSD Parent and Family Programs office helps those supporting Tritons stay connected to the campus, and engaged with the university. Hear about some of the programs you can look forward to in the coming years!


CARE at SARC Parent and Family Orientation 2021 

This session covers the services and resources available to students attending UC San Diego. This presentation shares some important and valuable skills to use when faced with a potentially dangerous situation, such as "IDEAS".


Join our ERC Parent/Family Facebook Group

We heard that you all wanted a place connect with other Parent & Family Members of ERC students.  Our new group , started in 2020, is designed for those supporting ERC students to have a community! Share transitions you are going through, helpful tips you have discovered, and ask topic-related questions. This is a place for general support and discussion. Please respect your student’s privacy. Join the ERC Parent/Family Facebook Group.

Sign up for our Parent & Family Summer Newsletter

This summer, we plan to send out a newsletter to keep you all informed as we we return to campus in the fall, and as your student transitions to UCSD. Add me to the Parent & Family Summer Newsletter distribution list

COMPASS Parent and Family Orientation

Your COMPASS Parent and Family Orientation covers the following topics:

  • The Student Academic Experience
  • Remote Instruction and the Virtual Experience
  • Academic Advising
  • Student Life 
  • University Living
  • Student Support
  • Resources for Parents

We encourage you to start today and go at your own pace. This online program saves your place, allowing you to pause and pick up right where you left off. We are proud to offer this optional program free of charge.

Follow these steps to get started!

  1.  Visit COMPASS Parent and Family Orientation website
  2. Select "Parent of Family Member" login type
  3. Select "Create New Guest Account"
  4. Check it out!

Throughout these endeavors, we aim to share the following:

  • The college system and UC San Diego's educational expectations
  • Information about student development and anticipated evolution of the family-student relationships
  • Timeline of student academic and social transitions
  • Availability of student services and support networks for students
  • Introduction to college staff and campus contacts
  • Awareness of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


For additional information, please visit our FAQ page for clarification.