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Get to Know Eleanor Roosevelt College!

Whether you were able to attend Triton Day or not, we wanted to share a number of video resources with you, to help you get a better feel for Eleanor Roosevelt college, the philosophy, the campus, and what it is like to be a student here. Check out each of the videos below!

Provost Welcome to Eleanor Roosevelt College

Provost Ivan Evans gives you a taste of the ERC's mission, its vibrant community, and a few unique features of our diverse college.

College Overview

Hear from our Provost, Dean of Academic Advising, and Dean of Student Affairs and learn all that Eleanor Roosevelt College has to offer!

ERC Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, real ERC students answer the most common questions we receive from incoming First Year Students and their families.

A huge thank you to our panel of students to dedicating their time to sharing their perspectives! And also a round of applause to our editor, Jonathan Thio, who both cut the video and added the captions!

00:20 - Student Introductions
01:30 - What is the College System at UC San Diego?
04:00 - If a First Year chooses to live on campus, what should they expect?
07:30 - What is a normal day on campus like? How do students do everyday things like laundry, get food, and study?
13:20 - What ways can incoming students get involved, make friends, and create a social life for themselves?
16:05 - Can you tell use about the quarter system, classes, and the Making of the Modern world sequence?
19:55 - What type of support and resources does UCSD offer?
22:20 - Many students and their families are concerned about Safety, Health and Wellness on campus. Can you explain what resources our campus has to ensure students' well-being?
27:08 - Can you tell us about transportation options, such as getting around campus, getting off campus and parking on campus?

ERC Campus Tour and Residential Life

Get a look at the Eleanor Roosevelt Campus, at UC San Diego! This video also includes footage of the Residence Halls and Apartments at ERC.

Student Affairs & Student Organizations

Eleanor Roosevelt College encourage students to get involved in their community! One of the most fun ways of doing so is to participate in a student organization. See what organizations you might be interested in!