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Maintaining Your Living Area

You are responsible for the condition of your individual room and your assigned common area in both the residence halls and apartments. If at any time custodial services determines that your area requires excessive cleaning, you may be billed. Please keep your areas clean and allow the custodial staff to do their jobs.

Custodial Services

The custodial staff, who wear uniforms and UCSD identification badges, clean all common areas, bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges regularly. Residence Halls are cleaned daily while apartments (both ERC and International House) are cleaned weekly.

If you have a custodial request, please call the Customer Service center at (858)534-2600 or submit a Fix-It Request. All requests are handled on an emergency priority system, so please allow some time for your request to be fulfilled. If your request has not been addressed in a reasonable amount of time, please call the Service Center again.


There are several recycling and waste dumpsters placed around the ERC community. Please be sure to take your trash out regularly. The small trash cans in front of the buildings are not meant for garbage bag disposal; make sure that you take your bagged garbage to the dumpsters. Additionally, Ellie’s Garden has a compost system available. If you are interested in composting some of your waste, please contact Ellie’s Garden, or our groundskeeper Chris.

Café Ventanas Plates and Trays

Fortunately, Café Ventanas allows residents to bring utensils, plates, trays, and cups out of Café V and back to the residents’ living areas. However, please be sure to return them to Café V. The trash cans outside of the buildings are not appropriate places to leave plates, trays, cups, and utensils.

Normal Wear and Tear

As the year goes on, problems that arise from normal wear and tear is expected. These issues can be reported to the Customer Service Center at 
(858) 534-2600

Pest Control

Please be proactive in identifying and reporting pest issues. As soon as you notice a problem, please report to it to Environmental Health & Safetly at (858) 534-4534 or