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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to go for specific housing related matters

Housing, Dining, Hospitality: Contracts, Billing and Room Assignments:
UCSD Housing and Dining Administrative Services - 858/534-4010

Residence Life: Room Amenities, Requesting Roommates, Move-In Instructions and Directions to Campus
ERC Office of Residence Life ( - 858/534-2261

Contract Information

  1. Access Housing Contract:
  2. Log on to with your User ID and Password.
  3. This will get you to My Checklist.
  4. The first item on your checklist is Housing.
  5. Click on the link to the Housing Contract.

ERC Room Assignments

  1. Placement for ERC Students in the ERC Residence Halls or overflow housing is based on the original housing application date (beginning in March).
  2. On the Personal History Form, rank your preferences for room type (single, double or triple)
  3. ERC Residence Life assigns students to singles, doubles, and then triples (unless preference for a triple is specifically requested) at ERC then in the same configurations in overflow housing.  All assignments are based on the student's original application date.

Requesting a Roommate

Roommates are assigned based on responses to the Personal History Form, however, if you would like to request a specific person to be your roommate please follow these steps:

  1. Send an email to the ERC Residence Life Office stating your name and the name(s) of the person you would like to live with. PLEASE NOTE: With all the rooms at ERC being tripled this year, you should seriously consider requesting two roommates, as we will place roommate requests in triples depending on their housing application date.
  2. The person(s) you would like to live with must also send an email to ERC Residence Life requesting you.
  3. These requests must be mutual, same-gender, and will only be honored if the students are assigned to the same neighborhood.
  4. ERC Residence Life will do its best to accommodate your request, however they are not guaranteed.
  5. All e-mails must be received by 

Important information on housing assignments and how the large student applicant pool will affect housing assignments for first year ERC students

Eleanor Roosevelt College will be welcoming over 800 new first-year students, which means that on-campus housing will be greatly impacted.  Because the residence halls in the ERC neighborhood cannot accommodate all of these numbers, ERC has traditionally had an overflow freshman population elsewhere on campus, such as in the ERC first-year communities at Revelle College. These placements were made according to a combination of the student's original housing application date and room type preference.

  • Placement for ERC Students in the ERC Residence Halls or overflow housing is based on the original housing application date (beginning in March) and room type preference.
  • Due to the high demand for on-campus housing, triples were inevitably assigned regardless of some student's stated preference.
  • Placements were made according to a combination of the student's original housing application date and room type preference.
  • Your on-line room assignment will give specific information on the type of room (single, double, or triple) and housing location you were assigned. Please refer to your "My Room Assignment" page ( after September 1 for your assigned housing location and options for move-in. 
  • All assignments are based on the student's original application date. By that application date, students are assigned first to singles and then triples (unless preference for a triple is specifically requested) in the ERC Residence Halls, then in the same configurations in overflow housing.  Due to the high demand for on-campus housing, triples were inevitably assigned regardless of some student's stated preference for a single or a double.
  • There are only a limited number of single bedrooms in the ERC Residence Halls, and no single room options in overflow housing. Placement in these rooms was based on the receipt date of your original housing application and/or any extenuating circumstances.
  • All room assignments are fixed until after the fall quarter begins.
  • There is a three-week freeze on any room changes once classes begin.
  • Inquiries regarding possible room changes may be made directly in writing via e-mail to the ERC Office of Residence Life ( after .
  • For specific move-in information for your assigned living area, please refer to the Residence Life website at the living area you are assigned to:

Tips on Choosing a Triple

The information you provide on the Personal History Form included in your contract packet largely determine the roommates you received. Students were also able to request each other as roommates. While we do our best to accommodate these requests, they are not guaranteed, regardless of your college of residence. (See “Requesting a Roommate” above.) The on-line assignment page accessible after September 1 should list your roommate(s) and suitemates in the residence halls.  With the inevitability of being placed in a tripled room, we encourage you to either request two people who you mutually agree to be roommates with, or make the effort to get in touch with your roommates once their assignment arrives in early September. NOTE: While the convenience of on-line communities such as Facebook have made it easier to gather lots of information at the click of a button, we strongly encourage that you also take the time to actually speak with your roommate(s) on the phone or in person, if at all possible.

TIP #1: OPEN COMMUNICATION - Your roommates will be listed on the on-line room assignment page, along with their contact information. We encourage you to contact them in the short time before you arrive for move-in weekend in order to get to know them better and to discuss any specifics regarding what you each plan to bring during move-in. It is important that you not only reach out and establish an open communication style with your roommates, but that you all agree to maintain it throughout the school year.

TIP #2: DISCUSS LIVING SPECIFICS - We especially ask that you take the time before moving in to have a discussion about the particular aspect of the assigned bed placement, and discuss any physical needs for certain bed configurations, as opposed to simply making demands of what you want. Fully discuss with your roommates any desired changes to the assigned bed spaces due to personal preferences/physical needs you have about bed type (loft or bunk, top or bottom bunk, etc.) before move-in.

TIP #3: PLAN TOGETHER – One of the keys to successful living in a tripled room is managing the space wisely.  While there is ample room and resources for each person to have their own personal items such as clothing, books, and computer, there is not enough room for three refrigerators, TVs, and coffeemakers.  Please discuss among each other what items that can be shared by all the residents, and plan together which of you will volunteer to bring that for move-in.  Many students have actually waited until they arrive to campus before looking at the room and going out as a group to purchase larger shared items such as refrigerator and microwave. The limitations of the tripled room may also impact whether or not you choose to only have one printer for all of you to share, not only to save space but to also decrease the energy load in the room.

Mailing Address & Receiving Mail

The on-line room assignment page lists both your room/apartment location and your mailbox number.  This mailbox number is what you use as a mailing address, NOT your room/apartment location.  Have your mail addressed as follows:

Your Name Here
#_ _ _ _ _ (list your full mailbox number here
9450 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA  92092-0100

Please Note: Campus Mail Services will not begin delivering mail or packages until AFTER September 23.  Also, due to the liability issues and storage problems involved, the Office of Residence Life will not be accepting any mail or packages prior to move-in.  If you are planning to ship some of your personal items instead of bringing them with you, arrange to have them delivered to the campus after September 23.

Additional Tip on Package Mail: Letters, magazines, and small packages that fit will be delivered directly to your mailbox.  Large packages and other items larger than your mailbox that are sent via U.S. Mail (First, Second, or Third Class, Express Mail, Priority Mail, and Certified Mail), United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express, Airborne Express, DHL Express, as well as special deliveries such as flowers and campus catering orders, are delivered directly to the Student Activities Center or Office of Residence Life.  In either case you will receive a notice with instructions on when and where you can pick up your package.

Maintaining and Personalizing Your Personal Space

Can I change the height of my bed?

Yes, you can! Please submit a Fix-It request and maintenance will come do it safely for you.

May I put posters and other wall decorations up in my room?

You may, but please be sure not to put any holes in the wall, or you may be charged. It is suggested that you use items similar to Command Hooks or tape, or other removable, non-damaging tools.

May I burn candles and incense in my room?

No. Any open flame and heat source is strictly prohibited by Housing Code.

May I paint my room?

No. Painting your room is prohibited by Housing Code. If you feel that your room needs to be painted, please contact maintenance at (858) 534-2600 and they will assess your space.

May I have a plant?

Yes, but be sure that your plant’s placement aligns with housing code. You may not hang your plant from the ceiling or on balcony ledges, or windowsills.

May I have a pet?

The only pets that are permitted are fish which can live in a 10 gallon or smaller tank. If you have a request for a service or emotional therapy animal, please contact our residence life office for more information.

On Campus Amenities

Cable Service: There is TV cable access in each bedroom (additional TV cable access is also available in the lounges of the residence halls and living rooms of the apartments).   Time Warner basic package includes over 100 channels; individual purchase of other services such as DVR allowed with direct billing to resident is available.  Campus cable listings will be distributed at move-in,  and can be accessed at the following link:

Laundry: One centrally located laundry facility is located in both the east and west residential areas, containing Triton Cash accessed washers and dryers.

What to Bring & What Not to Bring

Bring with You

  • For ease at move-in: Use rolling luggage and pack smaller boxes that are easy to carry.  Invest in a small hand cart or collapsible dolly to transport boxes.
  • Towels, pillows, mattress pad, blankets, bed linens, and bedspread (NOTE: Beds are twin size, extra long, approximately 35 x 80”).  Bed linens and other amenities may be purchased at major department stores such as Macy’s and Target or ordered online through a number of different vendors.
  • Personal computer. Check UCSD Residential Networking (UCSD ResNet) on-line or more information about computer requirements, recommendations, or setting up your connection (
  • Electrical power strip with multiple outlets and surge protection features.  (Permanent use of extension cords without these safety features is discouraged.)
  • Study lamp (small fluorescent or incandescent only; halogen lamps are not allowed because of fire hazard).
  • A reliable personal alarm (Cell phone, computer, tablet, laptop, or alarm clock – or a combination of alarms for heavy sleepers)
  • Social security card (important for employment paperwork); passport (required for travel to Mexico); copies of personal records such as birth certificate, proof of health insurance and renter’s insurance (or if covered by their parents insurance), car insurance/auto club (if they bring their car), and immunizations or pertinent medical records.
  • Personal first aid kit & flashlight.  Visit the Red Cross site ( for tips on what to include.
  • Plastic storage boxes or baskets. (Room dimensions can be found at
  • Laundry basket or bag, detergent, dryer sheets; make sure you open a Triton Cash account for access (and laundry lessons if you need them)!

Leave at Home

  • Any and all pets or animals except fish living in  aquariums no larger than 30 gallons.
  • Electric hot plates, hibachi grills, George Foreman-type indoor grills and other cooking appliances with exposed heating elements.  
  • Fireworks, firearms, martial arts equipment, and other weapons (equipment used for sports purposes may need registration with Athletics).
  • Candles, incense, BBQs, fire pots and other sources of open flame.
  • Extra furniture (there just isn’t any room).  If you desire extra seating, bring a floor cushion or folding chair that can be stored when not in use. Please check the lists above for furniture dimensions. 
  • Amplifiers or large stereos with sub-woofers; large home theatre systems (drums and amplified instruments may not be played in the residential areas).
Note on Hanging and/or Attaching Items to the Walls: If you plan on bringing posters or pictures to hang in your room or apartment, please purchase non-staining and non-marring adhesive mounting putty such as Tac-Stick or removable fasteners such as 3M Command Adhesive (most major home and hardware stores carry these items) - nails and hooks are not allowed due to the damage caused in walls or ceilings. Please note that you are not allowed to drill or nail anything into the walls to install bookcases, shelves, etc.

Important Dates

View full housing calendar  with comprehensive dates for the entire academic year.

After September 1

  • First date to view room assignment, campus address, roommates/apartment-mates, on-line via MyRoomAssignment site (sent by e-mail to your UCSD e-mail address)

Fall Quarter 2017:

September 21-22

Multiple day move-in options begins.  Students have until 4:00 pm on  to move in without penalty.**

**Unless you are a registered participant in September Orientation who paid for early check-in (see your orientation confirmation for details), or if you applied on-line for early arrival (see your on-line Room Assignment page after September 1 for more details; I-House early move-ins refer to the e-mail confirming your previous move-in request).

September 23 First day ERC Residence Life receives packages for students.
September 26 First Day of Classes