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Spring breakaway in Belize - UCSD students helping to build a butterfly preserve

MMW Serves in Navajo Nation painting a water tower

Volunteer Opportunities

Students in The Making of the Modern World Program make valuable contributions to others and promote global understanding through a variety of service opportunities, including the following:

Refugee Educational Empowerment and Recreation

The Refugee Educational Empowerment and Recreation Program serves refugee high school youth from Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Working collaboratively with the International Rescue Committee, the program familiarizes refugee students with UC San Diego, its faculty and students, and the university experience, and creates a pathway to college application, while fostering greater awareness and inclusion among undergraduate students. This program is run by Eleanor Roosevelt College’s Making of the Modern World Program and is delivered through the efforts of undergraduate volunteers and student organizations, campus departments, and faculty supporters.

MMW Serves

MMW Serves is a service experience embedded within the Making of the Modern World general education world history and cultures program. MMW Serves combines academic preparation, experiential learning, and volunteer service during Spring Break. Prerequisites include MMW 12 and 13 or MMW 121 for transfer students. MMW Serves has offered programs in Navajo Nation and Catalina Island. Students must enroll in a specially-designed 4-unit MMW seminar during Winter quarter and then embark on a service trip during Spring Break. 

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