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The Application Process 

Application for the Individual Studies Major requires a proposal no longer than five pages, a supporting statement from your faculty sponsor, a list of prerequisite courses, and a proposed curriculum including a list of your intended course of study. These documents are described in detail below.

Your faculty sponsor must have a professional title (assistant, associate, or full professor) and be a ladder rank member of the UCSD faculty.

All proposal materials must be submitted to the Eleanor Roosevelt College Executive and Policy Committee no later than the end of the first week of the third quarter prior to the student’s intended term of graduation (all UCSD students must have a declared major by the time they have completed 90 units).

To apply for the Individual Studies Major you must first make an appointment with the Dean of Academic Advising at Eleanor Roosevelt College for preliminary review of your proposal. Once your proposal has been preliminarily approved, you must submit the following materials to Eleanor Roosevelt College:

  1. A statement no longer than five pages defining:
    1. the purpose of the major
    2. its relationship to your goals 
    3. the reasons this program cannot be accommodated within some

  2. A statement from your faculty advisor/sponsor certifying that:
    1. there has been thorough faculty consultation in devising the program
      and that the sponsor concurs with the written statement of the student
    2. in the faculty member’s opinion, the proposed program is a coherent
      combination of courses, comparable in depth and quality to a traditional
      major at UCSD

  3. A listing of the course numbers and titles of those classes taken in preparation of the proposed major.
  4. A list of courses proposed for the major itself, including an indication of the relevance of each course to the program and verification from the appropriate departments that each course will be offered within the student’s time frame. Course outlines are required for courses outside UCSD or not in the UCSD General Catalog.