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Students must declare a major by the time they have reached 90 units.  View a complete list of undergraduate majors and degrees at UCSD on TritonLink

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Double Major Resources

The academic senate regulations to apply for and complete a double major are:

  • A student must have at least 90.0 units and no more than 135.0 units (though we are a little flexible with this) and at least a 2.0 overall GPA.
  • A student must have completed significant prerequisite work for BOTH majors (meaning more than 50% of lower-division courses for each major or at least 3 upper-division courses for each major, not including WIP or overlapping courses).
  • A student must complete all requirements for BOTH majors, which includes 10 upper division courses UNIQUE to each major. This is especially important for interdisciplinary/interdepartmental majors where there must be 10 courses from the interdisciplinary/interdepartmental major that do NOT come from the department of the first major. Beyond the 10 unique upper division courses, other upper division courses can overlap. Lower division courses can overlap with no limit.
  • Students must be able to complete the two majors and all other requirements for graduation in no more than 240.0 units (though we are sometimes flexible here). This is in reference to the Total Units Completed on your degree audit. AP, IB, and/or Study Abroad credits are not counted towards the max unit limitation.

Students must submit a Double Major Petition with an accurate quarter by quarter plan (including major, GE, any minors if applicable, and University requirements), reviewed and signed by both departments, and a statement of purpose to ERC Advising for consideration.


For students pursuing a BS/MS or BA/MA program looking to do a double major, you must be able to complete the secondary major before or in the same quarter you complete the BS or BA requirements to move on to your MS or MA courses. Otherwise you will forfeit your double major and be allowed only to complete your BS/MS or BA/MA program.