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How to Petition a Course

Students are expected to take courses from the approved list for each respective General Education requirement. Courses that do not appear on the list may be petition on the following conditions:

Regional Specialization

A) The petition must be accompanied by the syllabus of the course for the quarter in which the course is to be/was completed. Syllabi for other quarters will not be accepted.

B) The syllabus must clearly show that the course content focuses greater than 50% on the region of specialization (e.g. at least 6 lecture weeks UCSD)

C) Study abroad courses and courses from other institutions must already be posted to the academic history on TritonLink before submitting a petition.

D) A completed petition form and syllabus must be submitted to the front desk of ERC Academic Advising.

E) Submitting a petition does not guarantee approval.

Last Updated: 5/16/19