UC San Diego Commencement

Student Participation

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! We're looking forward to being a part of your celebrations! Please follow directions carefully in order to participate in commencement.


How to Participate

  • Degree and Diploma Application (DDA): Check with Academic Adivising for a graduation checklist. When you are ready, file your DDA by visiting degree.ucsd.edu during your final quarter. If you wish to have your name in the Commencement Program, you must complete your DDA before May 1st.
  • Participation Ticket: When you purchase your gown at the UCSD Bookstore you will be given your Commencement ticket. You MUST present this ticket during check-in on the day of commencement in order to participate! For this reason, gowns must be purchased through the bookstore.
  • Triton Packs: Get everything you need with a Triton Pride Pack! All packages include membership in the UCSD Alumni Association, participation in the Senior Class Challenge, cap and gown rental, college tassel, and commencement fee!

The Commencement Program

  • Students who submit their DDA starting Fall 2016 until May 1, 2017 will have their name included in the 2017 Commencement Program.  If you are not ready to submit your DDA but you want to ensure that your name is included in the Commencement Program be sure to log onto http://degree.ucsd.edu and select either "Add name to Commencement Booklet (but not ready to apply for Degree)" or "Apply for Degree (and add name to commencement booklet)".
  • The list of names to be included in this year's commencement program will be in a binder on the front desk of the ERC Dean of Student Affairs office during the First Week of May 2017. You will receive an e-mail from ERC Student Affairs inviting you to the office to view this list. 
  • Please note that Fall 2018 graduates' names will not be published in the June 2017 Commencement Program. Those students' names will be included in the 2017 - 2018 Program.
  • If you do not want your name printed in the program, please be sure to indicate that desire when submitting your DDA. 

Ceremony Details

  • Graduates must report to Spanos Field (North of RIMAC) an hour before the ceremony time - 7:00am Sunday, June 18
  • Students, please do not bring personal possessions such as purses, cameras, etc... as there is no secured location to house them. No coolers are permitted.
  • We will brief you on the ceremony and give final instructions when you report at the Spanos Track.  Important announcements will be made so it is important that you be there ON TIME!

Exception Request Information

If you would like to participate in another College's Commencement Ceremony:

Graduating students, if you attend commencement, you must participate in your home college’s ceremony. Check the list below for possible exceptions.

If one of the circumstances below applies, and you are unable to graduate with your college, you may request to participate in another college’s ceremony. This is called an “exception request.”

Submit your written exception request via e-mail by midnight Wednesday, May 17, 2017, with supporting documents described below, to commencement@ucsd.edu.

You will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision. Supporting documents will be kept confidential and securely disposed of after a decision is made.

Exceptions considered by the committee:

  • You have worked or lived in a college environment other than your home college for two years.
    Provide documentation on university letterhead from the Residential Life Office or college supervisor confirming the two-year period. Living at the Village is not applicable to this exception request.
  • You have served as a resident adviser, orientation leader or intern at a college other than your home college.
    Provide documentation on university letterhead from the Dean of Student Affairs stating the college position you held.
  • An immediate family member is graduating from an elementary, middle or high school, or a college or university at a time that conflicts with your home college’s ceremony.*
    Provide documentation on official letterhead from the school’s principal or dean stating the date and time of the conflicting school’s graduation.
  • Religious law prevents you from attending your home college’s commencement ceremony.
    Provide documentation on official organizational letterhead supporting the exception request.

*Note: If you receive an exception, you’ll be assigned to another college ceremony by the reviewing committee. You cannot request a specific ceremony.

If you would like to participate in Commencement this Spring but you will not be finished with your coursework until after the following Fall Quarter:

You must send an email to the ERC Student Affairs Office.  Please be sure to refer to the detailed information and instructions listed on the Frequently Asked Questions Page.