Class of 2017: All graduates

 All Campus Commencement Ceremony taking place Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 09:00am at RIMAC Field, as well as the ceremony held by their undergraduate college. 

Keynote address by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

In addition to being the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness has dedicated his life to offering contemplative dialogues on the subject matters of science and Buddhism, education and secular ethics, compassion and universal responsibility, as well as ethics in the fields of environmental sustainability, global warming and leadership.

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla will officially confer degrees by academic division upon graduates gathered as one student body.

Ticket information to come.

Please explore the Frequently Asked Questions below for more detailed information.

All Campus Commencement FAQs

When is the All Campus Commencement ceremony?

The All Campus Commencement ceremony date and time to be announced. Visit the Commencement website for the complete commencement weekend schedule.

What is the difference between the All Campus Commencement ceremony and the college or graduate program commencement ceremonies?

The All Campus Commencement will feature a keynote speaker and the official conferral of degrees by the Chancellor will happen during the All Campus Commencement. Following the All Campus Commencement, the colleges and graduate & professional programs will host personalized graduation ceremonies, where students will walk across stage as their names are read.

Will I need a ticket for the All Campus Commencement ceremony?

Students will need a ticket to participate in both the All Campus Commencement ceremony and their college ceremony. The commencement fee will include both tickets. Guests will not need tickets to attend either ceremony.

Is the All Campus Commencement ceremony mandatory?

While participation in both the All Campus Commencement ceremony and college commencement ceremonies is voluntary, attendance is encouraged for all graduates to be part of a very special new tradition on campus that will celebrate all graduates as one community.

How am I eligible to participate in the All Campus Commencement ceremony?

Undergraduate students must meet the standard commencement participation requirement of having at least 135 units completed by the beginning of spring quarter. Make sure to check the academic advising website for information on deadlines for filing your degree and diploma application and getting your name in the program.

Will I need to wear my cap and gown to the All Campus Commencement ceremony?

Yes, students will process in for the All Campus Commencement ceremony and are required to wear their caps and gowns at both ceremonies.

Commencement Information for Faculty, 2017

Commencement Regalia - Click HERE to order Faculty Regalia from UC San Diego Bookstore

Faculty must place online orders by the date listed below or will incur a late fee. Since many faculty request specific hood colors from their graduating school, it is important to place orders by April 22 to ensure preferred hood color will be delivered on time.

2017 Commencement fees for late orders:

Orders received through April 22 no late fee.
Orders received April 23 - May 10 $10.00 late fee.
Orders received May 11 - June 3 $20.00 late fee. 


Congratulations to those of you who are getting ready to graduate in June 2017.  Before you apply for graduation please:

If you have any question call ERC Academic Advising Office at: 858-534-9864

Grad Fast 2017

UC San Diego Grad Fest will be announced in early spring quartrer