Frequently Asked Questions

Incoming Students

Where can I find out about applying for housing if I'm a newly admitted student?

Please visit the Housing website.

When can I move in? When will I find out about roommates?

Move in information can be found here. 

When will I get my mailbox combination?

You will receive your mailbox combination when you have turned in your room inventory form/move-in checklist to the Residence Life Office after moving in and speaking with your roommates.

ICW Registration

For 2014 - Please print the registration form and turn in to the ERC Residence Life Office no later than JANUARY 24.

Continuing Students

When will I get my mailbox combination?

You will receive your mailbox combination when you have turned in your room inventory form/move-in checklist to the Residence Life Office after moving in and speaking with your roommates.

What do I do if I have questions about Room Selection?

Visit Housing, Dining and Hospitality Room Selection web site.

General Questions

What if I don't get along with my roommate?

The first step is to speak with your roommate or apartmentmate about the problem (e.g. cleaning, noise, etc.) If you haven't, talk to them about a possible solution. If you feel uncomfortable approaching them, you can go to your Resident Advisor (RA) for assistance, or to talk about possible approaches. The Resident Advisor has been trained to assist you in working out roommate conflicts. If the problem persists after the RA has been involved, the Resident Dean’s professional staff can assist in a resolution.

I want to apply for a Resident Advisor (RA) position. What should I do?

We encourage students to get involved in college and residence life activities. Groups specifically advised by the Residence Life staff are Programming at ERC (PERC), International House of Programming (IHOP), I-House Cares, and ERCTV. These groups are primarily comprised of students living on campus. Students can also be involved in ERC organizations and International House, which houses both international and domestic students. By participating in life at the college, you will gain leadership and programming experience, which are both essential for RA applicants. You should also plan on participating in ICW - the Intercultural Communications Workshop.

The Resident Advisor selection process occurs during Winter Quarter. The general application is online and will become available December 1st at Timeline and supplemental application materials will be posted on the ERC website in December. Students who will be studying abroad may apply during the spring before they leave for the future academic year when they return.

Can I have an overnight guest?

Students can have guests stay overnight for up to three days with prior discussion and approval of their roommates. Guests may not sleep in public areas (e.g. residence hall suite lounges). You must notify your RA when you will have a guest staying overnight for security and emergency reasons.

When should I looking for housing next year and where is helpful information available?

For continuing students, information about living on campus for the following year will become available in April. Information is sent to current on-campus students' mailboxes at their on-campus address. There will also information available at the Housing website at If a student is interested in living off campus, it is recommended by the Off Campus Housing office at UCSD that they start looking for off-campus housing four to six weeks before they are ready to move. A list of frequently asked questions, resources, and housing listings is available at Commuter Student Serivces. The Off Campus Housing office holds workshops during spring quarter.

What if I have questions about on-campus contracts, meal plan changes, or billing?

Please call the Housing and Dining Office at (858) 534-4010 or visit their web site at

I'm an entering first year student and I want to change my contract type (e.g. double, rate saver, etc.). What do I do?

If you are unable to change your contract type online, please contact the Housing Office at (858) 534-4010.

I missed all the housing deadlines. Do you have a waitlist?

There is an online waitlist for on-campus housing.

Where can I practice piano?

There are eight practice rooms in Mandeville Center that are available for students from Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. The practice rooms may be reserved by using the weekly sign-up sheets posted on each practice room door for a maximum practice time of 2 hours per reservation. New sign-up sheets are posted every Monday morning. See the Music Department for more information. There is also a practice piano in the Middle Earth Lounge that is available by checking out a key from the SAC during regular SAC hours.