Taking the Next Steps:

June 1           

Submit your online Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Statement of Legal Residence (SLR).  Follow the steps on the MyApplication website.

Deadline to submit On - Campus Housing application if you plan to live on campus fall 2017. 

Mid June 

Look out for emails sent to your UC San Diego email account directing you to our New Student Site at http://newstudent.ucsd.edu.  

This is the site where you will sign up for the mandatory on-campus orientation as well as get information on how to enroll in your first quarter courses.

July 1

       Deadline to submit all official transcripts (and AP/IB scores) to UC San Diego Admissions Office.  Follow the steps on the MyApplication website.

       Deadline to submit TAG and IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) certification to UC San Diego Admissions.   

Aug 1

View your Fall Quarter enrollment appointment start time available on http://tritonlink.ucsd.edu

Aug 21 - 22

Appointment times for Fall 2017 online enrollment

Sept 14

ERC Transfer Orientation 1

Sept 15

ERC Transfer Orientation 2

Sept 18

ERC Transfer Orientation 3

Sept 25

First day of classes

Submit all documents to the UC San Diego Financial Aid Office before designated deadlines if you wish to be considered for Financial Aid. Please see the Financial Aid Office website  for more information.

  All transfer students are required to complete two courses of The Making of the Modern World (MMW) Program, regardless of whether they have certified completion of a transfer agreement from another institution (ie: UC Reciprocity or IGETC). In addition, f or transfer students who do not have a certified completion of a transfer agreement, ERC Academic Advising will carefully evaluate prior coursework and apply as many courses as possible towards satisfaction of ERC's general education requirements.

Math Placement

While ERC does not require calculus as a general education requirement, it is required of many majors at UCSD (see http://mathtesting.ucsd.edu/requirements/majors.html). If you need calculus or pre-calculus for your major and you have NOT completed a college level calculus course, an AP calculus exam with a score of 3 or higher, or a higher level IB with a score of 6, you must take the Math Placement Exam (MPE). If you have AP or IB credit, official scores must be sent to UCSD Admissions. We strongly encourage you to take the MPE prior to enrollment in late August if possible. Exam dates are available in September before the start of the quarter as well. For a complete list of dates, please visit Math Testing and Placement's website.