The ERC Global Service Certificate offers students an opportunity to broaden their world view of cultures, communities and people through experiential learning.  The program intends to prepare global ready graduates for professional roles with diverse individuals and communities around the world. By adopting practices involving inclusion, collaboration, and world peace, participants will accomplish the following learning outcomes:

  • Global Understanding: Gain in knowledge of global issues and events
  • Cultural Competence: Growth of personal integrity, respect and cultural humility
  • Social Responsibility/Social Advocacy: Better understanding of self and impact on others from different world cultures and perspectives

Earning Your Blue and Gold Certificate

Students participating in the program must have Six Blue activities and Three Gold activities signed off by a program advisor. You can download and print your signature card by clicking this here

1) Blue – Less than 10 hours of knowledge acquisition, skill-building, training, or service on a one-time basis only.

2) Gold – 10 hours or more of knowledge acquisition, skill-building, training, or service on a one-time, series or continuation basis.

The list below offers programs and activities that meet the ERC Global Service certification standards. ERC programs and activities that are not included on this list can be petitioned (petition form will be hyperlinked).

A. Global Understanding:  Knowledge of global issues and events - What is going on the in the world? How do global events affect me? How do my behavior affect global events?

Blue: I-House Cultural Nights, I-House Global Forum, International Education and NGO Networking Fair, International Education Week, MMW Deer Park Monastery Trip, MMW Poetry in the Pines, Model United Nations, Passport to Culture, PROSPECT

B. Cultural Competence:    Demonstrates integrity, respect and cultural humility – Am I accepting of others who are different than me?  Do I interact effectively with people of different cultures?

Gold: Human Trafficking Awareness Workshop, I-House Language Conversation Table Host, Intercultural Workshop (ICW)

C. Social Responsibility/Social Advocacy – Understands self and impact on others from different world cultures Am I honest about my views of other cultures? Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone to learn about new cultures? Do I seek to understand targeted communities prior to providing outreach and resources?

Blue: Global Marketplace, Martin Luther King Jr. Parade
Gold: Break Away Global Services (BAGS), Change Makers Day, Innovation Ignites: The Colleges, Community OutReach Effort (CORE), ERC/CREATE Math Tutor Corps, ERC Service Abroad Option – ERC 190GS, Gender Inclusive Living and Learning Center, I-House Language Conversation Table Participant, MMW Refugee Educational Empowerment and Recreation, MMW Serves – Navajo, Catalina Islands, Raza Living and Learning Center, and Tutoring at the Monarch School.

Certification Submission Form

ERC Global Service Certification Completion Form (click here)

Due the last day of May


Name:  ___________________________             PID:        ___________________________

E-mail:  ___________________________             Date:     ___________________________


  1. Please attach your completed activity card to this form. You must have at least nine activities completed and initialed by the program’s advisor/coordinator:


  1. Complete a one-page written reflection paper and return with this form. Your reflection paper should include:

 1. What have you learned about yourself from your participation in this program?

2. How do you plan to apply what you have learned from this program to future personal goals and plans?


Return this form to:

Lorna Hirae-Reese,, (858) 534-2857

ERC Administration Building, 3rd Floor, Room 317