Academic Advising and Student Life at ERC

ERC is committed to helping our students make the most of their educational experience at UCSD. Our belief is that learning is not confined to the classroom and that students should have as many opportunities as possible to complement what is being taught there. We are here to help you "think outside the box" and find ways to integrate and apply what you learn to your life at UCSD and beyond.

Conveniently located in the ERC Administration Building, our Academic Advising and Student Affairs offices offer a wide variety of programs and services to help you shape and enhance your education.

Academic Advising - Have a question about general education requirements? Considering an internship or study abroad program? Have a question about an academic program and its requirements? Unsure about what major to pursue? Thinking about graduate school and need some guidance? Just need to talk to someone about your academic goals? Our friendly and knowledgeable academic counselors are here to help you. We provide one-on-one advising appointments, walk-in advising, "Virtual Advising", publications, workshops, and programs tailored to meet specific student needs.

Student Life - Our Student Affairs Office offers many opportunities and programs for students to participate in social, cultural, leadership, and community service activities. For example, during ERC's "alternative spring break program," groups of students from the college's Community Outreach Effort (CORE) have traveled to Peru, Russia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica to aid local social services agencies.

There are many student organizations to join, including CORE, the ERC Student Council, the International Affairs Group, ERC-TV, Spirit at ERC (boosting ERC pride at campus-wide events) and the commuter student group: Eleanor's Transfers and Commuters (ETC).

Have fun, make friends, and enrich your life both in and outside the classroom with ERC/UCSD sponsored coffee houses, dances, intramural sports, concerts, and cultural events.