Regional Specialization

The Americas and Multi-Ethnic United States (2018-2019 Academic Year)

  • Students entering as freshman must take 3 courses, of which 2 are UPPER DIVISION courses (#100-199).
  • Students entering as transfers must take 2 UPPER DIVISION courses (#100-199).
  • Only ONE course can be taken P/NP.
  • Language courses may not count for both language requirement and regional specialization.
  • Students must take ALL courses from the SAME region.
  • See General Catalog for complete course descriptions and pre-requisites:
  • Students may overlap their Regional Specialization requirement with the Upper-Division Writing requirement. Please see Approved Courses for Upper-Division Writing [PDF] to determine which classes are eligible for overlap. 

(^) Must take at least TWO UPPER DIVISION courses to satisfy the Regional Specialization requirement
(#) Courses taught in native language, not English.
(*) May be used for Regional Specialization OR Fine Art requirement, NOT BOTH
(!) Can overlap with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion requirement


Course Number

Course Title


Debating Multiculturalism: Race, Ethnicity, and Class in American Societies

ANAR 153

The Mysterious Maya

ANAR 154

The Aztecs & Their Ancestors


Study Abroad: Ancient Mesoamerica

ANAR 156 

The Archaeology of South America

ANAR 157

Early Empire of the Andes: Middle Horizon


Early Empire of the Andes: Middle Horizon

ANAR 158 

The Inca: Empire of the Andes

ANSC 106

Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America

ANSC 116

Languages of the Americas: Mayan

ANSC 135 

Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

ANSC 142 

Anthropology of Latin America

!ANSC 145

Indigenous Peoples of North America

ANSC 151

U.S. Border Ethnographies


Course Number

Course Title


Comparative Media Systems: Latin America & the Caribbean

COMM 129

Race, Nation, & Violence in Multicultural California

COMM 137

Black Women Filmmakers

COMM 140

Cinema in Latin America

!COMM 155

Latino Space, Place, & Culture

COMM 169

Deaf Culture in the U.S.

Critical Gender Studies

Course Number

Course Title

CGS 137

Latina Issues & Cultural production (Cross-listed with ETHN137)

CGS 147

Black Feminisms, Past & Present

CGS 165

Gender and Sexuality in African American Communities (Cross-listed with ETHN165)

CGS 187

Latin Sexualities

Dimensions of Culture

Course Number

Course Title

!DOC 100D

Dimensions of Culture: Promises and Contradictions in US Culture


Course Number

Course Title

ECON 114

Economics of Immigration

ECON 161

Global Integration of Latin America

ECON 162

Economics of Mexico

Education Studies

Course Number

Course Title

!^EDS 25

American Higher Education and the Collegiate Experience

EDS 116

Equity-Minded Education

!EDS 117

Language, Culture, and Education
(Cross-listed SOCI 117)

!EDS 125

History, Politics, and Theory of Bilingual Education

EDS 128A-B

Intro to Teaching & Learning/Elementary
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

!EDS 130

Intro to Academic Mentoring of Elementary/School Students
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

!EDS 131

Intro to Early Childhood Education
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

!EDS 136

Intro to Academic Tutoring of Secondary School Students
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

!EDS 137

Intro to Discipline-Specific Teaching & Learning
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

EDS 138

Intro to Academic Tutoring at Charter Schools
(Corequisite: EDS 139)

Ethnic Studies

Course Number

Course Title

!^ETHN 1 Intro to Ethnic Studies: Land and Labor
!^ETHN 2 Intro to Ethnic Studies: Circulations of Difference
!^ETHN 3 Intro to Ethnic Studies: Making Culture
!^ETHN 20 Intro to Asian American History
ETHN 101 Ethnic Images on Film
ETHN 103 Environmental Racism
ETHN 104 Race, Space, and Segregation
ETHN 105 Ethnic Diversity & the City (cross-listed: USP 104)
ETHN 107 Fieldwork in Racial & Ethnic Communities
(cross-listed: USP 130)
*ETHN 108 Race, Culture, and Social Change
(cross-listed: MUS 151)
!ETHN 110 Cultural Worldviews of Native Americans
ETHN 111 Native American Literature
!ETHN 112A History of Native Americans in the US I
(cross-listed: HIUS 108A)
!ETHN 112B History of Native Americans in the US II
(cross-listed: HIUS 108B)
ETHN 114A Representing Native America
ETHN 114B Representing Native America—Exhibition Design
ETHN 115 Monsters, Orphans, and Robots
ETHN 116 The United States—Mexico Border in Comparative Perspective
ETHN 117 Organic Social Movements
ETHN 118 Contemporary Immigration Issues
ETHN 119 Race in the Americas
ETHN 120 Race and Performance: The Politics of Popular Culture
ETHN 121 Contemporary Asian American History
ETHN 122 Asian American Culture and Identity
ETHN 123 Asian American Politics
!ETHN 124 Asian American Literature
(cross-listed: LTEN 181)
ETHN 125 Asian American History
(cross-listed: HIUS 124)
!ETHN 131 Social and Economic History of the Southwest II
(cross-listed: HIUS 159)
ETHN 132 Chicano Dramatic Literature
(cross-listed: TDHT 110)
ETHN 133 Hispanic American Dramatic Literature
(cross-listed: TDHT 111)
ETHN 134 Immigration & Ethnicity in Modern American Society (cross-listed: HIUS 180)
ETHN 135A Early Latino/a Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1848-1960
(cross-listed: LTSP 150A)
ETHN 135B Cont. Latino/a Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1960-Present
(cross-listed: LTSP 150B)
ETHN 137 Latina Issues & Cultural Production
ETHN 139 Chicano Literature in English
(cross-listed: LTEN 180)
ETHN 143 Chicana/o Film and Media Studies
ETHN 147 Black Feminisms, Past & Present
(cross-listed:/CGS 147)
ETHN 149 African American History in the 20th Century
(cross-listed: HIUS 139)
ETHN 151 Ethnic Politics in America
ETHN 152 Law and Civil Rights
ETHN 153

Citizenship and Civil Rights in the Twentieth Century (Cross-listed with HIUS 136) 

ETHN 154 History of Mexican America (Cross-listed w/ HIUS 113)
ETHN 159 Topics in African American History
(cross-listed: HIUS 183)
ETHN 165 Sex & Gender in African American Communities
(cross–listed w/ CGS165)
ETHN 166 Arab/Muslim American Identity & Culture
(cross-listed: LTEN 179)
ETHN 168 Comparative Ethnic Literature
(cross-listed: LTEN 178)
ETHN 170 Slavery and the Atlantic World
ETHN 172 Afro American Prose (cross-listed: LTEN 183)
ETHN 174 Themes in Afro American Literature
(cross-listed: LTEN 185)
ETHN 175 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
(cross-listed: LTEN 186)
!ETHN 178 Blues: An Oral Tradition
(cross-listed: MUS 126)
!*ETHN 179 Discover Jazz (cross-listed w/ MUS 127)
ETHN 183 Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Class
ETHN 187 Latinx Sexualities
ETHN 188 African Americans, Religion, and the City
(cross-listed: USP 132)
ETHN 197 Fieldwork in Racial & Ethnic Communities


Course Number

Course Title

!^HILD 7A-B-C Race and Ethnicity in the United States
^HILD 14 Film & History in Latin America
HILA 100 Conquest and Empire: The Americas
HILA 100D Latin America: Colonial Transformations
HILA 101 Nation State Formation, Ethnicity, and Violence in Latin America
HILA 102 Latin America in the Twentieth Century
HILA 103 Revolution in Modern Latin America
HILA 106 Changes and Continuities in Latin American History
HILA 110 Lord & Peasant in Latin America
HILA 114 Dictatorships in Latin America
HILA 115 The Latin American City, a History
HILA 117 Indians, Blacks, & Whites: Family Relations in Latin America
HILA 120 History of Argentina
HILA 121A History of Brazil, 1808-1904
HILA 121B History of Brazil, 1889-Present
HILA 122 Cuba: From Colony to Socialist Republic
HILA 123 The Incas and Their Ancestors
HILA 124 The History of Chile 1880-Present
HILA 124A History of Women & Gender in Latin America
HILA 126 Columbus to Castro: Caribbean Culture/Society
HILA 131 A History of Mexico
HILA 132 Modern Mexico: From Revolution to Drug War Violence
HILA 132GS Modern Mexico: From Revolution to Drug War Violence
HILA 133S Guerrillas and Revolution in Latin America
HILA 134 Indians of Colonial Latin America
HILA 144 Topics in Latin American History
HILA 161 History of Women in Latin America
HILA 162 Special Topics in Latin American History
HILA 163 The History of Chile 1880—Present
HILA 164 Women’s Work and Family Life IN Latin America
HILA 167 Scholarship on Latin American History in the Colonial Period
HILA 168 Scholarship Latin American History in the 19th Century
HILA 169 Scholarship Latin American History in the 20th Century
HILA 171 Topics in Latin American History Since 1910
HILA 199 Independent Study in Latin American History
!HIUS 103 United States and the Pacific World
!HIUS 108A History of Native Americans in the U.S I
(cross-listed: ETHN 112A)
!HIUS 108B History of Native Americans in the U.S II
(cross-listed: ETHN 112B)
!HIUS 112 US Civil War and Reconstruction
!HIUS 113 History of Mexican America
HIUS 117 7 History of Los Angeles
HIUS 124 Asian American History
(cross-listed: ETHN 125)
!HIUS 125 Asian American Social Movements
(cross-listed: ETHN 163J)
HIUS 126 The History of Race in the United States
!HIUS 128 African American Legal History
HIUS 129 History of Race & Ethnicity in American Cities
HIUS 134 From Be Bop to Hip Hop: African American Cultural History Since 1945
HIUS 135 The Atlantic World (1492-1803)
!HIUS 136 Citizenship and Civil Rights in the 20th Century
(cross-listed: ETHN 153)
HIUS 139 African American History in the 20th Century
(cross-listed: ETHN 149)
HIUS 146 Race, Riots, & Violence in the U.S.
HIUS 155 From Zoot Suits to Hip Hop: Race and Popular Culture since World War II
!HIUS 158 Social and Economic History of the Southwest I
(cross-listed: ETHN 130)
!HIUS 159 Social and Economic History of the Southwest II
(cross-listed: ETHN 131)
!HIUS 167 Topics in Mexican-American History
HIUS 176 Race and Sexual Politics
!HIUS 180 Immigration and Ethnicity in Modern American Society (cross-listed: ETHN 134)

Latin American Studies

Course Number

Course Title

^LATI 50 Introduction to Latin America
LATI 122A Field Research Methods for Migration Studies: Seminar
LATI 122A Field Research Methods for Migration Studies: Practicum
LATI 180 Special Topics in Latin American Studies
LATI 190 Senior Seminar
LATI 199 Individual Study


Course Number

Course Title

!^LIGN 7 Sign Language and its Culture
!^LIGN 8 Language and Cultures in America
LIGN 143 The Structure of Spanish
LIGN 144 Discourse Analysis: ASL Poetry
^LISL 1E Intermediate ASL Conversation


Course Number

Course Title

LTAM 100 Latino/a Cultures in the United States
LTAM 101 Early Latino/a Chicano/a Cultures: 1848-1960
LTAM 105 Gender and Sexuality in Latino/a Cultural Prod.
LTAM 106 Modern Chicana and Mexican Women Writings
LTAM 107 Comparative Latino/a and U.S Ethnic Cultures
LTAM 108 Chicano/a and Latino/a Cultures: Intellectual and Political Traditions
LTAM 109 Cultural Production of the Latino/a Diasporas
LTAM 110 Latin American Literature in Translation
LTAM 111 Comparative Caribbean Discourse
LTAM 130 Reading North by South
LTEA 144 Korean American Literature and Other Literatures of Korean Diaspora
!^LTEN 27 Introduction to African American Literature
!^LTEN 28 Introduction to Asian American Literature
!^LTEN 29 Introduction to Chicano Literature
!LTEN 178 Comparative Ethnic Literature
LTEN 180 Chicano Literature in English
!LTEN 181 Asian American Literature
LTEN 183 African American Prose
!LTEN 185 Themes in African American Literature
!LTEN 186 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
LTEN 188 Contemporary Caribbean Literature
^#LTSP 2A Intermediate Spanish I: Foundations
^#LTSP 2B Intermediate Spanish II: Reading & Comp
^#LTSP 2C Intermediate Spanish III: Cultural Topics and Composition
^#LTSP 2D Intermediate/Advanced Spanish: Spanish for Bilingual Speakers
^#LTSP 2E Advanced Reading & Composition for Bilingual Speakers
^#LTSP 50B Readings in Latin American Literature
^#LTSP 50C Readings in Latin American Topics
#LTSP 130B Development of Latin American Literature
#LTSP 133 Contemporary Latin American Literature
#LTSP 134 Literature of the Southern Cone
#LTSP 135A Mexican Literature Before 1910
#LTSP 135B Modern Mexican Literature
#LTSP 136 Andean Literatures
#LTSP 137 Caribbean Literature
#LTSP 138 Central American Literature
#LTSP 140 Latin American Novel
#LTSP 141 Latin American Poetry
#LTSP 142 Latin American Short Story
#LTSP 150A Early Latino/a Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1848—1960
#LTSP 150B Early Latino/a Chicano/a Cultural Production: 1960—Present
#LTSP 151 Topics in Chicano/a & Latino/a Cultures
#LTSP 154 Chicano/a and Latino/ Literature
#LTSP 159 Methodological Approaches to the Study of History and Culture in Latin America
#LTSP 162 Spanish Language in the United States
#LTSP 171 Studies in Peninsular and/or Latin American Literature and Society
#LTSP 172 Indigenista Themes in Latin American Literature


Course Number

Course Title

!*MUS 17 Hip Hop
!*MUS 126 Blues: An Oral Tradition
!*MUS 127 Discover Jazz (cross-listed w/ ETH179)
*MUS 137A Jazz Theory & Improvisation
*MUS 137B Jazz Theory & Improvisation
*MUS 137C Jazz Theory & Improvisation
*MUS 151 Race, Culture, and Social Change
*MUS 152 Hip Hop: The Politics of Culture
*MUS 153 African Americans & The Mass Media

Political Science

Course Number

Course Title

!POLI 100H Race and Ethnicity in American Politics
POLI 100J Race in American Political Development
!POLI 100Q Advanced Topics in Racial Politics
POLI 104N Race and Law
!POLI 105A Latino Politics in the US
POLI 105B Understanding Interracial Conflict
!POLI 108 Politics of Multiculturalism
POLI 134AA Comparative Politics of Latin America
POLI 134B Politics in Mexico
POLI 134D Selected Topics in Latin American Politics
POLI 134I Politics in the Southern Cone of Latin America
POLI 134N Politics in Central America
POLI 146A The U.S and Latin America: Political & Economic Relations


Course Number

Course Title

!SOCI 117 Language, Culture, & Education
SOCI 125 Sociology of Immigration
!SOCI 127 Immigration, Race, & Ethnicity
SOCI 182 Ethnicity & Indigenous Peoples in Latin America
SOCI 188D Latin America: Society & Politics
SOCI 188M Social Movements in Latin America

Theatre & Dance

Course Number

Course Title

^*TDGE 12 Topics in Cinema and Race
!*TDGE 131 Playing Indian: Native American and First Nations Cinema
!*TDHT 103 Asian American Theatre
*TDHT 108 Luis Valdez
!*TDHT 109 African American Theatre
*TDHT 110 Chicano Dramatic Literature
(cross-listed: ETHN 132)
*TDHT 111 Hispanic American Dramatic Literature
(cross-listed: ETHN 133)
!*TDHT 120 Indigenous Theatre and Performance
*TDMV 133 Advanced Jazz Dance
*TDMV 142 Latin Dance of the World
TDMV 146 Intermediate Latin Dance of the World

Third World Studies

Course Number

Course Title

^TWS 22 Third World Literature (Latin America)
^TWS 24 Third world Literature (Caribbean)

Thurgood Marshall College

Course Number

Course Title

TMC 198 TMC Directed group Study (jr/sr, dept)

Urban Studies & Planning

Course Number

Course Title

USP 104 Ethnic Diversity & The City
(cross-listed: ETHN 105)
USP 106 The History of Race and Ethnicity in American Cities (cross-listed HIEU 129)
USP 132 African Americans, Religion, and the City
(cross-listed: ETHN 188)
USP 135 Asian & Latina Immigrant Workers in the Global Economy (cross-listed: ETHN 129)
USP 147 Case Studies in Health Care Programs: Poor and Underserved Population

Visual Arts

Course Number

Course Title

*VIS 126AN Pre-Columbian Art of Ancient Mexico & Central America
*VIS 126BN The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya
*VIS 126C Problems in Mesoamerican Art History
*VIS 126D Problems in Ancient Maya Iconography & Inscriptions
*VIS 126HN Pacific Coast American Indian Art
*VIS 126I Southwest American Indian Art
*VIS 126J African and Afro-American Art
*VIS 126P Latin American Art 1890—1950
*VIS 126Q Latin American Art 1950—Present
*VIS 156 Latino American Cinema
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