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How do I take Chemistry Placement Exam? Do I need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam?

See the Chemistry Department FAQ: http://chemistry.ucsd.edu/undergraduate/academic-information/FAQs/faq-freshmen.html

Is the Math Placement Exam only offered on campus? What if we live out of state?

Here is information on the Math Placement Exam dates, including the online options:  http://mathtesting.ucsd.edu/dates.shtml.  


Can I register for a math class before I get my Math Placement Exam results?

No, you cannot register for a math class unless you have placed (by exam score or transfer course).

If I want to start a new language do I need to take the language placement exam?

No, you can start in the first course if you have no prior knowledge.  For Chinese and Japanese you will need to speak with the department advisor.

What’s the difference between the language placement and proficiency exam?

The Placement Exam will test what course you should be "placed" into. When you get your placement exam results you will need to enroll in the course.

The Proficienty Exam will test whether you are proficient enough in a language and do not need to enroll in a course. If you pass the proficiency exam you have cleared the ERC language requirement.

What SAT II score fulfills the ERC language requirement?

Visit the ERC General Education page for more information.

Can I re-take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam?

No, you can only take it once.

If we take Analytical Writing Placement Exam in September what class do we sign up for?

View your course recommendations in the new students site: http://newstudent.ucsd.edu

What test score clears the Entry Level Writing Requirement?

Read more at: http://students.ucsd.edu/academics/enroll/writing-requirement/writing-requirement.html.

If I have cleared Entry Level Writing Requirement what class do I take?

MMW 11


Where do I find GE requirements online?

Visit the ERC General Education page for more information. When you view your course recommendations we will also include a page with GEs offered in Fall quarter.

What level of language do we need to complete?

Visit the ERC General Education page for more information.


How do I keep myself on track to graduate in 4 years?

Meet with your major and college advisor regularly.  Begining winter quarter you can schedule long term planning appointments with ERC Academic Advising.

Is it better to do GE or major classes first?

It is up to you.  Follow your first quarter course recommendations.  Some majors require more lower division that others; this will affect when you take major vs. GE courses.

How do I choose classes if I’m Undeclared?

For your first quarter we have recommended your courses.  Once you are enrolled and on campus we can provide you with more resources to make this decision.

How do I declare an capped major?

Each department handles their own exceptional admission.  Visit the website for your prospective capped major for more information on the process.

How many classes do I take per quarter?

We recommend you enroll in four classes your first quarter.  This gives you room in your schedule to drop to three classes if you are overwhelmed or do not like a class.

How many units do I need to be considered full time?

A minimum of 12 units per quarter.

How do I change my major?

You can change your major once you are enrolled in courses using the major/minor tool on TritonLink. You will need to enroll in courses and pay fees for Fall before being able to use this tool.

How do I declare a minor?

We recommend you try a few classes for a minor before declaring. Once you are enrolled in courses you can declare a minor using the major/minor tool on TritonLink. You will need to enroll in courses and pay fees for Fall before being able to use this tool.

How do I double major?

See an ERC Academic Counselor for more information.  Note: You must have 90 units to declare a double major.

Where can I find my major requirements

Visit the UCSD Catalog: catalog.ucsd.edu, or go directly to your major department's website.


How do I know where classes are?

In the schedule of classes, classrooms are listed next to each class session.  There is also a link to the campus map.

What is the waitlist?

Here is information on waitlisting at UC San Diego.  We do not recommend you waitlist any courses in your first quarter.

A lot of classes look full.  Will more seats be open?

Yes.  Departments are holding seats for new freshmen in some lower division courses.  Check the schedule of classes closer to your registration appointment time.

Where can I find the WebReg Tutorial Video for how to use and navigate WebReg?

Visit TritonLink under the TritonLink Tool Help page to find the WebReg Tutorial video.


How do I know which major I was advised on?

Go to http://newstudent.ucsd.edu and review your academic background.  If you need to change it, call our office at 858-534-9864.

Do we have to call ERC Advising when we get our AP scores?

No, we will advise you to review the AP chart to make proper course selections.

Do I wait or contact admissions if I don’t see my transfer courses on my record?

If you know you sent your scores before July 1st you do not need to re-send them.  You can use e-advising when it opens to ask us about specific transfer courses and/or test scores.

If I cleared a high school requirement by taking a class at community college does that exempt me from ERC GEs?

Maybe.  You need to send all community college transcripts to UCSD Admissions.  Once the courses are posted to your academic history, you can petition courses to meet GE requirements.  Talk to an ERC Academic Counselor in fall quarter for more information.

How do I send college transcripts to UCSD?

Mail them to UCSD Admissions:

UC San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive
MC 0021
La Jolla, CA 92093-0021

What does LD or UD mean?

LD stands for Lower Division (courses numbered 1 - 99) and UD stands for Upper Division (coures numbered 100 - 199)

What's the difference between upper division and lower division?

LD courses are introductory or foundational courses to the department whereas UD courses are more specific in topics and occasionally build upon concepts and theories introduced in LD courses. We recommend you only take lower division courses in your first quarter.

How was I assigned my WebReg appointment time to enroll in classes for Fall?

Appointment times are randomly assigned for all new students entering Fall quarter.

What are elective units?

Units that count toward graduation but do not meet GE or Major requirements.

What’s the difference between a discussion (DI) and lecture (LE)?

Your lecture is the main, large class taught by the professor.  The discussion section is the smaller class that reviews and prepares for lecture, taught by a teaching assistant.

Where is the general catalog?


What if I’m out of the country when my appointment time begins to enroll for Fall?

You can still register for classes during your appointment time, given you have internet access. Keep in mind that appointment dates/times are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST). Try to register as close to when it begins as possible.

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