Academic Probation

Academic Probation and Subject to Disqualification

University academic standards require students to maintain a 2.0 cumulative and quarter grade point average. If you fall below that standard you are either on academic probation or you are subject to disqualification from the university. See for more information, including definitions of these terms.

In order to return to good academic standing, you must:

  • Bring your term and cumulative GPA up to a minimum of 2.0 by the end of your probation quarter.
  • Enroll in courses for a letter grade (not P/NP) during your probation quarter. The deadline to change your
  • Grading option is Friday of the fourth week of the quarter.
  • Take no more than 12-14 units during your term of probation.
  • Repeat sequential courses in which you received a D or an F.

Failure to meet these terms will result in continued status of Academic Probation and/or Subject to Dismissal from the University. 

What steps can I take to return to good academic standing?

  1. Understand what academic probation means and what grades you need in order to return to good academic standing.
  2. Identify the problems that led to your poor grades and get help in solving these problems.
  3. Consider all of your options; including adjusting your course load, tutoring, cutting back on extracurricular activities, repeating grades of D or F, counseling, etc.
  4. Organize and plan your quarter
  5. Know the add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines
  6. Think positive and work hard!

Checklist for students in Academic Difficulty

  • Make an appointment with an academic counselor to discuss your overall academic record, causes of current difficulties, correction of transcript errors, choice of major or re-evaluation of your course of study.
  • Change courses taken on a P/NP basis to letter grade option. (Taking courses P/NP will not improve your GPA.)
  • If you receive a D, F, NP, or W in a sequential course, Do not enroll in the subsequent course. You should successfully repeat the first course in order to continue in the sequence. (Note: this is NOT true of MMW; you may continue in the sequence and re-take MMW 1 at a later date if you failed it.)
  • If you receive any blank grades or I (Incomplete) grades, make sure to discuss the situation with your instructor ASAP. It must be resolved before the end of the following quarter, or these grades will lapse into Fs.
  • Remember that you can repeat up to 16 units (or four courses) of D or F grades in which the second grade will replace the first in your cumulative GPA. The former grade will remain on your transcript, but will not factor into your GPA. After 16 repeated units, the grades will be averaged (both grades will remain in your GPA).
  • Academic Senate policy requires completion of at least 36 units per academic year (the fall you start through the next summer. Advanced placement units do not count toward minimum progress.) Failure to achieve this minimum level of progress will be a factor in decisions regarding your academic status and continued enrollment, and will affect your financial aid status as well.
  • Part-Time Status: If you have legitimate reasons for taking a reduced course load of 10 units or less, (employment for 30+ hours a week, medical circumstances or family responsibilities), you may be eligible for part-time status. You must apply for part-time status during the first two weeks of the quarter. Applications are available in the Academic Advising office. See an academic counselor for information on how this will affect your academic contract, and a financial aid advisor for the effect on your financial aid package.
  • Consult OASIS for help in assessing your academic skills. They have workshops on time management, note taking, learning styles, goal setting and test preparation.